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Personalized Doormats!

If you want to impress all your guests, we have the coolest and quirkiest selection of home gadgets to make your more- than- humble abode stand out! What better way to welcome your visitors than with these personalized doormats? They will be dazzled before they even enter your house!

Our personalized floor mats are perfect for placing right outside your door! Choose an indoor mat or outdoor one, whichever suit you best. Our mats will catch that spot of debris and absorb that rainwater off your shoes before you walk on and ruin your lovely floors. Not only are these items functional, but they are also decorative. Great for adding a flair of your identity to personalize your own place.

Try our mixtape doormat, pictured above. Take a walk down memory lane on this retro doormat. Choose a favorite song, band, or album, and it will appear on this one of a kind household product. But really, you could even have your name or any welcoming words presented on this unique floor piece. Let everyone know the music lover you truly are when you lay this doormat outside your apartment, college dormitory or house!

Our customized doormats come in a variety of shapes, sizes and designs! Click here to see one of our funny circle doormats. We also feature traditional rectangular doormats along with oval- shaped mats, too! For you lighthearted fellows, we have kooky doormats that will make your home super special and fun. Try our clever greetings dog doormat to welcome your guests with a whiff and a woof! Choose from our vast selection of other cool personalized products to make your home that much more homey!

We can’t get enough of these hilarious pool floats!

Check out our cute and fun donut pool float!

This summer is sure to be hotter than ever. Cooling off in a backyard pool is a great way for the whole family to relax and chill out. But if the kids seem to be getting bored with the same old pool noodles and boring inner tubes you can bring the fun back to your backyard with our hilarious, ginormous, and one of a kind inflatable pool floats! Our donut, flamingo, pizza, and smarties floats are selling fast and are sure to be the hottest toys of the summer! These funny pool floats will catch more than a few eyes at your next neighborhood barbecue or backyard party!

If you’ve got a sweet tooth then check out our Giant Chocolate Donut Pool Float! This cute and funny pool float looks like someone was so hungry they just had to take a huge bite! We know your kids will love it! If your kids love candy (what kid doesn’t) then go for the Smarties Pool Noodle. This inflatable noodle looks just like the classic Smarties packaging—only 5 feet long! Reminisce about your favorite childhood candy this summer by bringing this funny pool float to your backyard! If your family is more into fast food try our Giant Pizza Slice Pool Float! This giant pizza raft looks tasty enough to eat and is perfect for lounging around in the pool on summer days as hot as this fresh-out-of-the-oven slice!

If your appetite has been satisfied and you’re looking for more traditional inflatable fun, then check out our Giant Flamingo pool Float! Your kids will spend hours playing with this bright pink flamingo pool tube. And this funny pool float isn’t your typical water toy—it’s over 3 feet tall!

We just can’t get enough of these hilarious pool floats!

Unique Salt and Pepper Shakers

Looking for funny novelty gifts to give to your friends or simply want to have more laughs at the dinner table? Then you have definitely come to the right place. We’ve got lots of funny gift ideas, but today’s post is specifically about funny salt and pepper shakers that will turn seasoning bland food into a comical performance during meal time!

To the left are two very cool salt  and pepper shakers that look like a  toilet and urinal! Click here to check them out. While they may seem to belong in the bathroom, their rightful place is actually on the table or countertop! If you don’t mind bathroom humor, then these salt pepper shakers are for you!

We’ve got three other options for you to choose from. If you’re a person who prefers the farm to the bathroom, then the naughty pigs salt and pepper shaker set might be more up your alley, featuring two pigs who are being rather intimate with one another.

Do you spend a lot of time in the garden? Then you might like these salt & pepper shakers that are the two butt cheeks of a garden gnome with his pants pulled down. Click here to see them for yourself! If instead you are a fan of Doctor Who, then check out these fun salt and pepper shakers that look like Tardis and a Dalek, making these cute salt and pepper shakers the coolest of all Doctor Who gifts.

All of these fun salt and pepper shakers are funny gag gift ideas that are also practical in use! Novelty salt and pepper shakers are funny gifts that cause lots of laughter and can be used to spice up food and liven up the atmosphere in the dining room!

Funny Garden Gnomes

Some people really do tend to their gardens: consistently pulling the weeds, watering the plants, and performing other necessary tasks to keep their garden looking good. Perhaps you are one of these people who has your handy bag full of gardening tools. You put on your hat with the wide brim to keep the sun out of your eyes and have custom fitted gloves to keep the dirt from getting underneath your fingernails. Or maybe you belong to a separate category of people who has a garden that has been left unattended and turned into a bed of weeds. Whether you have the best garden in the neighborhood that looks like it belongs on the cover of “Home & Gardens” or the exact opposite, any of these funny garden gnomes will add some humor to your yard!

 To the left is one such example of lawn gnomes that will make everyone laugh. The Scarface garden gnome is the Al Pacino of garden decorations. With a machine gun in hand, the base of this funny garden gnome has the following words: “Say hello to my little friend.” This may be one the most commonly referenced movie lines of all time, and this garden gnome statue will be just as popular!

Do you think it would be cool if everyone who passed by threw dollar bills in your yard? That dream can become a reality by placing the stripper garden gnome in your yard! This female garden gnome is an exotic dancing statue that is just another example of our unique garden gnomes. Click here to see all of the cute garden gnomes.

Funny Shot Glasses

Going to the bar is fun. The atmosphere is great, the bartender knows how to make your favorite drink just the way you like it, and of course taking shots with your friends is the highlight of your night. Everyone enjoys going to the bar, but it is certainly expensive. Eventually, you have to pay your bar tab and once you see the amount that has slowly but surely accumulated over time, you realize that there has to be another option that’s just as fun. These funny shot glasses allow you to experience the drunken fun of taking shots with your friends right in your own home! Whether you are looking for a cheap alternative to the bar or are searching for unique shot glasses to give to a friend or co-worker, any of these shot glass sets are funny gifts that anyone will enjoy.

If you’re looking to get wasted, then there is no better choice than the novelty shot glasses pictured on the left. The toxic waste theme of these fun shot glasses is perfect for a night when you want to forget about your worries and focus on getting as drunk as possible! Click here to see these funny drinking glasses.

Of course, the toxic waste shot glasses are just one example of our novelty gifts that can be used for a quick and unique way to get drunk. We’ve got all kinds of cool shot glasses, ranging from ones that look like toilets to those that resemble prescription bottles. Where to buy shot glasses is here!

Funny Office Gifts

Going to work can be a real drag. Do you ever find yourself setting your alarm clock super early just so you can press the snooze button over and over again until you absolutely must get up for that long commute to the office? With only two weeks of vacation time a year, you stare at the calendar and realize that almost each day of your life consists of guzzling down a cup of coffee in a hurry and rushing out the door only to spend eight hours sitting down at a desk staring blankly at a computer screen. Wow! That all sounds really depressing. Luckily, you can make the long work day more fun with one of these cool office gadgets.

Each office is filled with the same kind of people. There is always the guy whose every word is nothing but b.s. Now when he comes by your cubicle you can make him realize how stupid he sounds by pressing the bullshit button. Press down on this red buzzer and the announcer will say something along the lines of “Bullshit detected” or “That was bullshit!”


Don’t you love the feeling of finally getting through that big pile of papers that has been sitting on your desk all week? A feeling of relief and satisfaction overcomes you and all seems right with the world. Of course, this moment of inward rejoicing never lasts long because a new stack of papers even taller than the last one is soon placed on your desk. What do you do in times like these? Use the like and dislike stamps to clearly display to your boss and others in the office how you feel about your work!

These are just two funny gift ideas. Click here to see our other office gifts that add some humor to the work day!

Funny Coffee Mugs

Are you addicted to drinking coffee? Or maybe you know someone whose coffee machine is used more than any other appliance in their house. Whether you want to spice up your own morning routine of guzzling down a cup of joe or are in need of a gift for a coworker, these novelty mugs will add some definite laughter to everyone’s day!

On the left is a picture of the shit list mug. This humorous gift conveniently has a mini clipboard attached to it along with a marker that is stored inside the mug’s handle. When someone like your personal trainer makes you mad by lying straight to your face about how many sets you have left or if there’s a person in the office who just did you wrong, you can immediately scribble their name down on this funny coffee mug and begin plotting your revenge!

The toilet mug is always a favorite. Click here to see it for yourself! Because this funny mug is shaped like a toilet combined with the color of coffee, everyone will be torn between busting out laughing or making a face of disgust and saying “eww!”

If you’re looking for religious gifts, we’ve got two unique ideas that will make even your pastor crack up in tears. Check out the “Jesus Shaves” mug that is a hilarious twist on the usual “Jesus saves” concept. Another great choice is the Adam and Eve mug that can be seen here. As you pour in coffee, the leaves covering the couple’s private parts disappear shamefully!

Take a look at all of our funny coffee mugs that make for hilarious gifts!

Funny Pillows

Who doesn’t love a good fluffy pillow? Not only are pillows great to rest your head on at night while you sleep, but they are also fun to snuggle up with while you sit on the couch to watch a good movie or to use to whack someone in the head. The possibilities are endless! They’re great to have around the house, making any activity much more comfortable. However, there’s something that is hard to understand. Why do people buy plain pillows that are either plain in color or have a boring design? Hopefully you don’t fall into this category of shoppers. However, if you do we are here to show you the error of your ways with these fun novelty pillows!
Take a good look at the picture on the left. Now if you didn’t know that this post was about pillows wouldn’t you have mistaken this item for a real bag of chips? Of course you would have! If you were to write an honest resume, then being a couch potato would probably be the first thing you listed. In that case, this chip pillow can be your companion as you watch TV all day long.

While you’re munching away on your snacks, you realize that you no longer want to watch the channel you’re currently viewing. But you certainly don’t want to get up to change the channel.  Then reach for your handy dandy remote control pillow. It may have an old school look, but it gets the job done. Speaking of old school, click here to see a cool retro pillow that looks like a VHS tape!

Be sure to check out our other funny pillows to find the perfect one for you!

Novelty Clocks

Have you ever found yourself staring at the clock for what seems like forever only to realize that truly only a few seconds have gone by? Waiting can be pure agony sometimes, especially if you’re doing a task that you dread. But as the saying goes, time flies when you’re having fun! Put any of these novelty clocks on your wall for an enjoyable way to check what hour in the day it is.

Our whatever clocks like the one displayed on the left are the perfect way to capture your attitude. Because there are a variety to choose from, you can pick the whatever clock that matches your personality exactly. Of course, you won’t be able to get an accurate read on what time it is in reality because the numbers are all jumbled up on the bottom. The same case applies to the backwards clock that makes telling the time a real challenge. These funny clocks merely serve as hilarious pieces of decoration for any room in the house or office.

If you want to actually know what time it is but in a way that’s not dull then check out this fork and spoon clock that makes for the perfect kitchen gift. The clock is surrounded by shiny silverware that will have you counting down to dinner time! Speaking of clocks that are great additions to any kitchen, these frying pan clocks  are equally as cool.

These are merely a few examples. We have everything from a billiard clock that is  shaped like a pool table to musical clocks with holiday themes. Be sure to click here in order to see our entire collection of novelty clocks, for there are too many excellent choices to tell you about. You have to see them for yourself!

BBQ Gadgets

July 4th is next Thursday and the summer has officially begun! We’ve got everything you need to have a BBQ season that runs smoothly. Now mind you these aren’t the ordinary things you’d see lying around near the grill. While you’re busy adding flavor to your meat, why not spice up the items in your kitchen, too!  These BBQ gadgets will certainly come in handy.

No matter how bright the sun may be shining, this inflatable buffet will ensure that your food stays nice and cold. You no longer have to worry about leaving food out in the sun too long. Blow up this portable buffet, fill it with ice, and everything will stay nice and cool. This convenient gadget is a must-have for any outdoor gathering.

If you are really looking for a unique gadget, check out this brass knuckles meat tenderizer. Simply place your fingers in the holes, ball your hand into a fist, and hit that slab of meat with your best shot. Don’t settle for an ordinary meat tenderizer when you can use this unique BBQ gadget that literally lets you pack a punch!

So now we’ve covered the gadgets you need to prepare your food and display it when it’s already to be gobbled down. After the barbecue when everyone has gone home it’s clean up time. However, this no longer has to be the most dreaded part of the day. Keep the good times rolling with this barbecue grill brush that will make your life so much easier. This brush has a scrubber that is battery-powered so you can effortlessly clean the grill without a hassle!

Click here to see all of our BBQ gadgets that will make the day even better.