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Car Gadgets that Prevent and Save!

The Transformers aren’t real, but our Car Gadgets are as close as you can get and may turn that Chevy into Optimus Prime!  Maintenance, distance, safety, and other general problems are covered with our Car Gadgets!


The winter is harsh!  Icicles are a pain to break off and dried snow makes rush hour traffic seem manageable.  The windshields need to be cleared so you can go as you please.  Our Windshield Scrapers get the job done!  Try a Heated Ice Scaper that melts away the ice from the windshield or go for the Heated Electric Ice Scraper and Lock Deicer Set that melt away ice on the windshield and frozen locks.  Before the snow even hits, place a Windshield Cover on your car to nip the problem in the bud.  These are necessary winter tools!


Various daily issues can be alleviated with our handy Car Gadgets.  The incredibly cheap Digital Map Distance Finder calculates the distance between two points and the travel time.  Use this to silence the kids’ nagging “are we there yet” questions!  Long drives can also ruffle clothes.  The Coat Daddy is a car hanger that will keep your clothes wrinkle free during that car ride to make sure you look good at all times.  Presentation is very important, but safety is always the first priority.  Be prepared for any kind of vehicle emergency with the Auto Escape Tool with Solar Flashlight.  This 4-in-1 gadget includes a safety blade, solar powered torch, retractable pin, and window glass tool so you can escape quickly from a car accident.  There’s nothing more precious than life.


Get on with your day by using our Car Gadgets!

Cheap Gadgets: A Bargain on Bargain Items!

It’s old news—money rules over us!  Sometimes money even jeopardizes our happiness.  You want the finer things in life and all the new products hot off the factory line, but you’re on a budget.  That’s where we come in.  Check out our collection of gadgets.  Our Cheap Gadgets provide you with the items of choice at the bargain you’ve been looking for!

Our Gifts and Gadgets Under $20 present a bevy of assorted items that won’t disappoint!  Golf fans have plenty to be excited about.  Our Novelty Golf Balls are flashy and distinct.  Separate your balls from the rest of the pack at the green with our Currency Collection Golf Balls or Dallas Cowboys Logo Football Team Golf Balls to let everyone know where your allegiance stands.  However, greener pastures aren’t always around the corner.  You might freeze your butt off during the winter months, but don’t let it affect your transportation.  Our Lock De-Icers can defrost car locks in no time at all.  Be prepared with our products!


There are so many gadgets to name.  Check out the Electronic Safe Bank available in different colors.  It’s perfect for kids to store their valuables and keep them safe.  If that’s not handy enough for you, try the Stainless Steel Multi Purpose Tool that can bend, clip, snip, and pop to relieve you of your daily hassles.  Another useful item is the CellCup Car Cell Phone Holder that holds many different items, but most importantly, it holds your cell phone.  Never again will you have to deal with the trouble of digging in your tight pants pocket for your phone.


Our Cheap Gadgets are cheap for the sake of your pockets and useful to a fault!

Don’t Cut the Cheese…Without our Cheese Gadgets!

Say cheese!  A picture is worth a thousand words and there are almost as many kinds of cheese.  Swiss, American, and cheddar are just a few of the more popular types of cheese that people all across the world use as toppings on various foods.  However, cheese toppings and shavings on sandwiches or any other food don’t cut themselves.  Whittle down those blocks of cheese with our Cheese Gadgets!


Carve cheese with the greatest of ease with the Cut the Cheese Knives.  This set of knives comes with four different types of knives each used to cut a different kind of cheese in a unique way.  This set of knives is colorful and makes cutting the cheese fun, not smelly.  The Mouse Trap Cheese Cutter is a practical gag gift.  The mousetrap has a sturdy cutting board with a stainless steel cheese cutter that will produce the finest cuts of cheese.


For an even more off the wall cheese gift, try the Gangster Grater!  This grater is shaped like an old gangster mobile.  Bullet holes line the side of the car for decoration and are used as the grater.  Personalized cheese gifts show an extra level of connection and a great love of cheese.  Wine and cheese is a popular combination.  Our Whimsical Watches Personalized Wine and Cheese Classic Silver and Unisex Watches will make sure you arrive early to all the wine and cheese parties.  Set your watch before the cheese runs out!


Cheese is a fun produce that has unlimited possibilities of use.  Be creative and have fun with these cheese gadgets!