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Survive the Cold Months with our Winter Gadgets!

The winter chills are creeping up!  Rev up your radiators, and bundle up in multiple layers of clothing because it’s going to be a cold couple of months.  Snow storms and below zero weather creates an avalanche of problems that ranges from cold sicknesses to car trouble.  Prepare for these harsh times with our Winter Gadgets!


Our collection of Winter Gadgets is headlined by our Windshield Scrapers!  Melt those pesky icicles off of your windshield with our heating rods and scrapers.  These sets also include squeegees to eliminate the moisture, and deicers for the car locks.  Lock De-Icers are sold separately as well.  For added ease and accessibility, key rings and compact lights come with this handy tool.  Take the hassle away from your morning struggle with these car gadgets!


Most of winter will be spent indoors.  To cope with the weather, take a look at our portable Heaters.  Heat up your home or office with a space heater that warms you up during the winter, but can also cool you off once summertime comes around.  These heaters are portable, easy to set up, and save space and energy.  You won’t be disappointed!


Why limit your comfort?  Protect your car from the damages of winter weather with a Windshield Cover.  Not only is it ideal for winter, but it can also be used during the hotter seasons as well to protect the interior from the sun.  Ice scraper mitts and traction shoes provide an extra level of security on the slippery ice, and heated cushions provide a pleasant driving experience!


Be fully prepared to take on the annual cold war with our collection of Winter Gadgets!