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Fill Up that Empty Block of Time with a Desktop Game!

Boredom and unguided leisure time doesn’t discriminate by location!  Whether you’re at home or at the office, that annoying bug called monotony will buzz in your ear at some point in time.  Regular repellent or fly swatters won’t work for this nuisance.  Give one of our Desktop Games a chance!


Our collection of Desktop Games feature many popular sports!  Find your favorite and enjoy every moment of your free time.  Desktop Golf is a stress reliever just like the real game.  Improve your putting skills and make a run at the PGA tour.  Tiger Woods will have some competition once you tune up your skills on this field.  However, if you don’t swing that way, Desktop Basketball provides more frenzied entertainment.  Perfecting your shot on this rim will soon take up all of your time!  Sports gifts are always an easy choice!


Executive Desktop Games are not limited to the big time sports.  Desktop Darts will steer you away from the bars and the pool halls.  Practice your marksmanship with these darts, or take aim with Desktop Skill Ball.  Bring the arcade to your living room and never have a dull moment.  Our collection also includes Desktop Bowling, Desktop Shuffleboard, and more.  Find your new favorite hobby and kill time with fun!


Sports fans and anyone with spare time will enjoy taking the reins of these Desktop Games!

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