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Fun Gadgets for Men!

Sure Father’s day may have already passed, and Christmas isn’t for another half a year, but you don’t need a holiday or a birthday to treat yourself. Being a good father / husband / brother / son requires constant dedication and you deserve the occasional pat on the back – something that rewards you for being a good representative of the male population. Here we’ve got some gadgets for men, specifically catered to your needs and whims. With these fun toys, soon Dos Equis will be crowning you as The Most Interesting Man in the World.

Air Guitar Toy

Whoever said practice makes perfect has obviously never seen this air guitar. You don’t need no practice to be a rock star guitarist. You also don’t need no guitar. Sure, maybe it’s not as impressive as a “real” guitarist, but it’s high time people started using their imaginations anyway.  This air guitar toy is just too insanely cool. Press the buttons and strum along while the infrared motion sensor detects your hand gestures to produce the perfect chord. What?!? I cannot get over how cool and ingenious this is! Just grab your white button-down shirt and classic shades, pick out the perfect hallway conducive for sliding in your gym socks, and you’re all set to rock out on this air guitar à la Tom Cruise in Risky Business.

iPod Shower Radio

The shower: man’s sacred spot for belting out those pop tunes he could never even hum anywhere else. This waterproof iPod radio is great for singing along in the shower to those Broadway musicals and catchy Lady GaGa hits. Or if you’re the boring 24/7 business man type, there’s also a radio feature to catch those weather and traffic reports before you leave for work. There’s even a built-in fog-free mirror perfect for shaving, or admiring that handsome face! Even though there’s a myriad of reasons you might need this, we know that somewhere deep down inside, this iPod shower radio is for those Glee songs you can’t seem to get out of your head.

 Bar Gadgets

There’s a special relationship between a man and his drink – a relationship constantly under the scrutiny of the public eye. With these cool bar gadgets you’ll send the message “I’m a stylish man with a sense of humor.” (i.e James Franco)

Who has time to stir (or shake) their own drinks anymore? Not you, Mr. Busy World Traveler Man. For a mixed drink that James Bond would approve of, check out these drink mixers. They’ll even mix health drinks and milkshakes for those hungover mornings that are an inevitable result of these drink mixers.

Or if you’re more of the Joe the Plumber type – the working man of simple tastes, we’ve got a Joe Six Pack Beer Belt, which you can also personalize with embroidered initials. Replace that overrated toned six-pack with this extremely useful and unique waterproof six pack beer belt! You’ll never again be without your beer.

Let your imaginations run wild, and you’re sure to find a gadget perfect for pampering yourself. For those days driven by high levels of testosterone, check out this NFL vibrating football game. They’ll make foosball the wimp’s game.  Or if you just can’t keep track of your ties, these tie racks will be your ultimate savior. (Some them even revolve!) Whatever you’re looking for, there’s sure to be a gadget to turn Monday into Manday.

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