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Not a morning person?

Really, who is? (Only people with robotic discipline who value sunrises and chirpy birds over things of real value like sleep – that’s who!) Yet by some miracle of God, every morning Monday through Friday, we find ourselves rolling out of bed like lumber tumbling out of a truck. So to make the mornings go down easier, we’ve got some funny gadgets that’ll express how you truly feel in the mornings.

Novelty Toilet Paper

Because sometimes your butt just needs some delightful potty humor. Sure this might be sophomoric, but in the mornings when nothing is funny and everything is awful, small things like toilet paper with Mitt Romney’s face printed on it can be the best part of your morning.

Funny Mugs

Sometimes the only thing sympathetic to that proverbial cross we bear every morning is our favorite coffee mug -dependable and always ready to deliver that life-affirming ultra caffeinated elixir we know as coffee. For those who can’t be bothered before their first cup of coffee, we’ve got some novelty mugs that’ll send the message for you, like this lovely one over here.

Subtle? No. Clear as hell? Definitely. Depending on what you’d like to say we’ve also got an anger management mug, a gun mug, and a toilet mug, among many others, so you’ll never have to speak again in the mornings.

For all you grumpy morning folks, these funny gifts will finally give you something to smile about in the mornings.

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