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Educational Games that will Make Learning Fun Again!

Teachers and institutions always push forth the notion that learning should be fun, and they’re right, it should, but that balance is barely ever found!  At times, games and activities that possess a learning component can spiral out of control, especially if the student to teacher ratio is not good.  On the flip side, hammering a lesson into a bemused or apathetic student can be less productive than beating a dead horse.  Where is the middle ground, and how can you achieve it?  That’s a question only the gifted teachers and professors can answer, but here’s a tip: trick the pupils.  Hide the learning under the thick shield of entertainment!

Take the Einstein Touch Sudoku for example.  No papers, pencils, pens, protractors, or chalkboards are involved.  A teacher is not lurking in the shadows waiting for a slip.  It’s only the handheld game and the player, but underneath the electronic cover is hours of educational development.  Sudoku is less a game of numbers, and more a game of placement and position.  Like chess, the player has to think five steps ahead.  This puzzle game will sharpen anyone’s critical thinking sword and spit shine anyone’s problem solving shield at the same time.  Hours of practice at this game will help any child or adult boost their mathematics and comprehension skills.  The best part is that all of these benefits are hidden under the veil of an electronic game!

If that’s too much of an analytical overload, balance out the numbers game with a creative diversion.  Remember the ant farms of old?  They’ve now been brought back to life with more vibrancy.  The Fascinations Antworks Ant Farm features an array of amazing colors.  Watch a futuristic ant colony and inspire thoughts that transcend numbers.  Think outside the box and take all of your learning experiences to the next level with an Educational Game!

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