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New Items that Might Come in Handy on Halloween!

Once again, Halloween is peeking its horrific head around the corner.  Hearts are pulsating at the thought of another perilous night of fright full of gruesome masks and terrifying costumes.  Costumes are a staple of Halloween, and that will never change, but that’s the end all and be all of this special night.  Decorations can transform a cozy home into a haunted house.  Jack-o-lanterns are classic Halloween pieces.  Bats, toilet paper, spider webs, and a host of other items can fit the theme.  Thought should be put into every detail to maximize the Halloween festivities!

Even if your home is off the grid, always be prepared for trick-or-treaters!  Load up on an assortment of candy and drop it in a Halloween bucket.  Make sure you have enough for the hordes of children with a sweet tooth.  Through the waves of bell ringers and doorknockers, you might get thirsty.  Take Halloween to the next level by raising the spooky factor of your drink.  Our Skull Ice Cubes will send chills down your spine.  You can make ice cubes in the shape of a skull.  Click here to add a bit of chill factor to your drinks.  At the sight of these cubes, trick-or-treaters will run away and scream in fear.  While you’re at it, you might as well use an Owl Magic Mug.  This special cup may be the eighth wonder of the world.  Pour a hot liquid into the mug and watch as the owl opens its eyes and the woods come to life.  There is a multitude of ways to bring in Halloween.  Find a way that fits your style!

Halloween is supposed to be about fun, but every once in a while a zombie invasion rains on the parade.  When you offer them candy, they go for your neck.  They smell, stink, and stain the carpet with bloody drool.  They’re not welcome!  However, there is a solution.  Our Zombie Car Stickers will send a strong message to any horde of the undead.  Click here to see what you’re up against.  Zombies will think the car or home is protected.  The zombies will turn away at the sight of these stickers and take their bloodthirsty tongues elsewhere.  Halloween is as exciting as it is complicated!

Halloween in 2012 needs to be done the right way!  Take these handy suggestions and have little bit of fun on October 31st!

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