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Novelty Liquor Dispensers!

Every home bar setup needs certain types of items to stack up with the Joneses.  The first necessity is alcohol, of course, and then you need glasses or mugs to drink out of.  Shot glasses are mandatory, and cork as well as bottle opener will come in handy.  Beer and liquor are the two most common drinks of choice.  Wine and champagne are designated for special occasions.  The only problem is that beer and liquor get old after a while.  Well, here’s a surefire way to spice things up!

Ho! Ho! Ho!

It’s always fun to see a friend take a swig straight from the bottle, but some people might fear backwash.  You can try to add some humor to the routine.  Click here and check out one of our funny dispensers.  Liquor can be served in a hilarious fashion with a Little Whizzer dispenser that’s crafted in the form of a little boy taking a whiz.  Sometimes you just can’t hold it.  A gift like this will make every round of drinks that much more enjoyable.  Pour drinks, share a laugh, and prepare for one memorable night!

At the other end of the scope stands the Old Geezer.  This dispenser is for the older gentlemen that are having a hard time.  A couple drinks from this novelty dispenser and everyone will let loose.  Check out another one of our dispensers.  Drink and celebrate with Christmas spirit.  Santa left the presents at the North Pole and now plans to hand out shots.  The North Pole is cold, and wintertime brings harsh weather to most places.  Warm up with a strong drink and begin the holiday festivities!

Drinking is a staple of many social scenes.  Shake up your next get-together with a Liquor Dispenser!

Novelty Bottle Opener Rings!

To be cool, you have to be subtle.  Every movement, action, and motion should take the least amount of effort and look as easy as possible.  Exert yourself too much or get too excited, and you’ll lose your cool.  This skill is vital in social situations.  One wrong move can make or break your reputation.  Bars and parties are filled with these kinds of opportunities, and many of these situations involve alcohol!

The luck of the Irish!

Everyone is not a drinking machine!  Chugging beers is tough to do and tough on the stomach, and some shot counts are hard to keep up with.  If holding liquor is not your forte, try a different route to impress the crowd.  Your opening lies in the opening of the beers!  Click here and take a look at a different type of bottle opener.  Usually a classic bottle opener is fine but it’s boring and you want to stand out.  A switchblade may up your cool factor but some people might be too scared to talk to you.  Instead, go for a bottle opener ring.  The perfect thing about a bottle opener ring is that your wear it on your finger.  It’s not that noticeable so the opening motion will be smooth and effortless.  If the alcohol has set in, some people will think you opened it with your bare hands!

Don’t worry!  There are different bottle opener rings with unique designs.  Take a look at one of our more unique rings.  Slide a green clover over your finger and use the good luck to your advantage.  Whether you need good luck to find a bed buddy or to keep yourself from drinking too much, this ring will come in handy.  The list doesn’t stop there.  For the comedians and Magnum PI fans, a handlebar mustache can decorate your ring finger and open the beers, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg.  There are many choices.  From skulls to bling, these rings offer various designs!

It’s possible to open up a beer bottle with a butter knife.  Just lift up each groove, two at a time and slowly make your way around the cap.  It’s crafty and gets the job done, but unnecessary.  Pop the top cool, calm, and collective with a bottle opener ring!

Quality Gifts at a too Good to be True Price!

If you’re not wealthy, money is always an issue!  The summer is over and a slew of holidays are steadily approaching.  This month, October rears its horrific head, and November ushers in a time of thanks.  Christmas ends the trio in December, but sets the stage for a new year of smaller holidays.  At each stop, gifts are involved.  Halloween candy and costumes are necessities for the kids, Turkey Day is all about giving, and Christmas is self-explanatory.  Gifts, gifts, and more gifts!  It adds up.  To avoid hungry nights and disappointed faces, find a quality gift that’s also affordable.  Sound impossible?  Click here!

Found the remote!

Luckily, quality can be affordable!  Before you deal with wants, focus on needs.  Homes are constantly falling apart and something always needs to be fixed.  A great starter tool would be an item does more than one thing.  Click here and check out a multipurpose tool made of stainless steel.  You can carry out all types of actions with this kind of tool.  Another touchy subject in homes is the remote.  Who should hold the remote?  It’s an important question but unfortunately the remote is always lost.  For this reason alone, every home should have a remote control caddy.  It saves lives!

Once you get past the needs, go in a different direction and pick out something fun!  Click here to see a cool suggestion.  The magic owl mug comes to life when a hot beverage is poured in the cup.  This type of magic in the morning can be rejuvenating, even more so than the coffee.  With the fun factor out of the way, it doesn’t hurt to take a sentimental turn, and nothing screams sentiment like a memory.  A photo album is always a nice gift, but if that album talks then you’ve just made someone’s day!

It’s evident that gifts need thought.  There’s one for every occasion, need, and want.  Now that you’ve found a gift of interest, revel in the fact that all of these gifts are under 20 dollars!

Hot Winter Gadgets!

Sadly, the summer is gone.  Nine o’clock sunset is a distant memory, and the autumn leaves are falling in line as well.  That’s the tell tale sign of a storm approaching.  Not a storm in the traditional sense, but a change in the seasons.  The fall is less a season, but more of a precursor to a rigid winter.  It’s training camp for rough times.  Check out this collection of gadgets specially made for the harsh winter!

Just like Superman’s heat vision!

The hardest part of winter has to be the temperature!  Numb extremities, red and runny noses, and chilly nights are dreadful.  Heat is a lifesaver but everyone is not always fortunate enough to have it.  If you’re tired of faulty radiators and heating the house with the oven, click here to check out a two-in-one air conditioner and heater.  You can kill two birds with one stone and address the weather adjustments for any season.  That’s a pretty big part of the battle, but only half of it!

Freezing temperatures and cars don’t mix.  Ice can form in the most inconvenient places and impede travel.  There’s no worse feeling than preparing to go to work and the car lock is frozen shut.  Check out these helpful gadgets.  A lock de-icer can defrost a car lock in seconds.  You’ll be in your car and on your way to work in no time.  For frosty windows, a windshield scraper is a godsend.  These tools will make life much easier during the winter!