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Novelty Bottle Opener Rings!

To be cool, you have to be subtle.  Every movement, action, and motion should take the least amount of effort and look as easy as possible.  Exert yourself too much or get too excited, and you’ll lose your cool.  This skill is vital in social situations.  One wrong move can make or break your reputation.  Bars and parties are filled with these kinds of opportunities, and many of these situations involve alcohol!

The luck of the Irish!

Everyone is not a drinking machine!  Chugging beers is tough to do and tough on the stomach, and some shot counts are hard to keep up with.  If holding liquor is not your forte, try a different route to impress the crowd.  Your opening lies in the opening of the beers!  Click here and take a look at a different type of bottle opener.  Usually a classic bottle opener is fine but it’s boring and you want to stand out.  A switchblade may up your cool factor but some people might be too scared to talk to you.  Instead, go for a bottle opener ring.  The perfect thing about a bottle opener ring is that your wear it on your finger.  It’s not that noticeable so the opening motion will be smooth and effortless.  If the alcohol has set in, some people will think you opened it with your bare hands!

Don’t worry!  There are different bottle opener rings with unique designs.  Take a look at one of our more unique rings.  Slide a green clover over your finger and use the good luck to your advantage.  Whether you need good luck to find a bed buddy or to keep yourself from drinking too much, this ring will come in handy.  The list doesn’t stop there.  For the comedians and Magnum PI fans, a handlebar mustache can decorate your ring finger and open the beers, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg.  There are many choices.  From skulls to bling, these rings offer various designs!

It’s possible to open up a beer bottle with a butter knife.  Just lift up each groove, two at a time and slowly make your way around the cap.  It’s crafty and gets the job done, but unnecessary.  Pop the top cool, calm, and collective with a bottle opener ring!

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