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Novelty Liquor Dispensers!

Every home bar setup needs certain types of items to stack up with the Joneses.  The first necessity is alcohol, of course, and then you need glasses or mugs to drink out of.  Shot glasses are mandatory, and cork as well as bottle opener will come in handy.  Beer and liquor are the two most common drinks of choice.  Wine and champagne are designated for special occasions.  The only problem is that beer and liquor get old after a while.  Well, here’s a surefire way to spice things up!

Ho! Ho! Ho!

It’s always fun to see a friend take a swig straight from the bottle, but some people might fear backwash.  You can try to add some humor to the routine.  Click here and check out one of our funny dispensers.  Liquor can be served in a hilarious fashion with a Little Whizzer dispenser that’s crafted in the form of a little boy taking a whiz.  Sometimes you just can’t hold it.  A gift like this will make every round of drinks that much more enjoyable.  Pour drinks, share a laugh, and prepare for one memorable night!

At the other end of the scope stands the Old Geezer.  This dispenser is for the older gentlemen that are having a hard time.  A couple drinks from this novelty dispenser and everyone will let loose.  Check out another one of our dispensers.  Drink and celebrate with Christmas spirit.  Santa left the presents at the North Pole and now plans to hand out shots.  The North Pole is cold, and wintertime brings harsh weather to most places.  Warm up with a strong drink and begin the holiday festivities!

Drinking is a staple of many social scenes.  Shake up your next get-together with a Liquor Dispenser!

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