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Heated Products for Winter!

It’s that dreaded time of the year again!  Below zero temperatures are around the corner and the snowfall is becoming more frequent.  Yes, it’s winter!  Your nose will run, your fingers will go numb, and you’ll have to wear five layers of clothing.  It sounds daunting but it can be manageable.  Equipped with a few key items, your can endure the winter easier than a hibernating bear!

Too cool…too cool!

Click here to see the first necessary accessory!  Often times, people forget about the neck.  It’s vulnerable to winter winds.  A scarf would be a great help, but a heated scarf can be a lifesaver.  Wrap the scarf around your neck and use the heating element as another line of defense against the cold temperatures.  Soon enough, your wardrobe will feel more comfortable than your bed.  As an added bonus, the scarf also has pockets for your hands.  It doesn’t get any better than that!

The days can be unbearable when your hands are too cold to function properly.  Check out a cool solution to this problem.  A gel hand warmer can serve as a line of defense against the cold.  It warms your hands instantly and allows you to go on about your business without any roadblocks.  This definitely comes in handy during the morning car rides.  There’s nothing worse than a cold steering wheel!  To make your ride to work, school, or wherever, as comfortable as possible, pick up a heating car seat massager.  It serves as a back cushion, heats your body, and massages your muscles!  What more could you ask for?  You might start sleeping in your car!

The winter can be arduous but with these helpful suggestions it should be a breeze!

Wacky Marble Mazes!

Roller coasters are exciting for many reasons.  Of course, the adrenaline rush from the steep falls, sharp turns, and loops are the obvious reasons, but beyond the pure thrill, the architecture of roller coasters are just as captivating.  These colossal rides take a lot of planning and thought.  Thoughts of the schematics can give a kid a headache.  Start your wide-eyed children off slow by gifting them with a toy similar in nature.  Click here, and take a look at a nifty selection of marble mazes!


At one time, marbles were fun to collect and fun to shoot, but the old days are long gone.  Today kids collect Pokemon cards and shoot the breeze in chat rooms.  The old usage of marbles may never make a comeback, but it no longer matters because marbles now have a new and more exciting home.  Click here and catch a sneak peak into the future.  Marble Mania has a line of marble toys that will send shivers down your spine.  With loops, turns, channels, power lifters, gears, and the whole nine, a marble maze is an adventure in and of itself.  Simply drop a marble and set the wheels in motion.  It’s not an actual roller coaster but it’s just as exciting, and it fits in your room!

A dizzying course is only half the fun!  Click here and take a look at one of the more robust marble runs in our collection.  In addition to the hectic course, this maze also glows in the dark.  Nighttime adventures always add to the excitement.  Drop a marble into the fire, stand back, and enjoy the show.  There is fun to be had even before the show begins.  This maze in particular features more than 425 pieces, and the building process is just as satisfying!

The holiday season is here!  Children want to see something new.  Redefine the use of marbles with our cool collection of toys!