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Gifts for Super Bowl Sunday!

Super Bowl XLVII is almost here!  It’s the Sunday of all Sundays, and you have to be prepared.  Hopefully, you have a television or access to one.  That’s the first step.  Internet streams are okay but unreliable so stick to television either at home or at a bar.  A TV and a couch or recliner, and you’re almost there.  The little things go a long way for an event like this!

Are you ready for some football?

The most important item for the night is the remote!  Make sure you know where it’s at at all times because one slip or misstep and the channel can change.  Don’t let the dog bite the remote on 4th and long with 20 seconds on the clock.  Click here  to find a sure solution.  A remote control caddy organizer is your saving grace.  Place the remote in the caddy once the game starts and don’t touch it till the game is over.  There should be no accidental channel changes.  If there is a channel change, someone’s getting tackled.  Another cool gadget for this occasion is the Remote Control Pillow.  Since it’s the size of a living room couch pillow, it will never stray far.  Plus, it’s cool and comfy!  If you get mad and throw your remote at the television, there won’t be too much damage!

Once the game gets rolling everything needs to be in place, and everyone needs to be in the zone!  If you’re having a hard time getting there, take a look here.  There’s an assortment of drinking glasses, flasks, and liquor dispensers.  Any of these items will get the ball rolling in no time.  For an event like this, a good recommendation would be a beer belt.  A beer will always be by your side so you and your comrades can stay charged up for the game!

It is Super Bowl Sunday so don’t forget about your lucky jerseys, team hats, and team trinkets that brought them luck throughout the season.  They’re important, but your viewing environment is too.  Everything you need has to be close by and in place!

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