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Jumbo Drinking Glasses!

Sometimes a regular sized cup just doesn’t do it!  That’s why some people just drink straight out of the carton.  However, when you live with other people, drinking straight out of the carton is not very welcoming.  Germ and colds can be passed easily.  So how do you get more bang for your buck (more gulp from your sip)?  Take a look at this section!

Click here and witness a different interpretation of the “one glass of wine per day” rule!  Instead of bending the rules, stretch it.  These drinking glasses are huge.  With any one of these glasses, you can drink a whole glass of wine with one pour.  One of them is even shaped like a wine bottle.  Go big or go home when it comes to drinking wine.  Even Ellen Degeneres approves of these items!

Chug! Chug! Chug!

Asides from wine, an extra helping of beer or a bigger martini wouldn’t hurt!  Check out a drinking gift that will redefine frat parties.  The Giant Red Cup is 8” tall.  That’s almost as long as a person’s forearm.  Fill it up and take fewer trips to the keg (but more trips to the bathroom).  The line is long anyways.  The Extra Large Champagne Glass should also be another hit.  No New Year’s celebration will be complete without it.  These novelty drinking gifts are practical and hilarious at the same time!

Time is of the essence, and you shouldn’t waste it pouring a drink every second.  Get your fill in one shot!

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