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Funny Pacifiers to Alleviate the Stress!

Newborns seem to sing only one song on repeat!  They cry, cry, and cry all night and all day.  That’s where the pacifier comes in.  This stopgap can be a lifesaver.  A few moments of silence can make parenthood a little more manageable.  Click here and take a look at our collection of pacifiers.  We offer a selection that offers comedic relief to eliminate some of the stress of raising a child!

Check out our Mustachifiers, and gain a sneak peek at what puberty will do to your child in the future.  Quiet the cries with a handlebar or cowboy mustache.  Maturity is signified by facial hair.  A mustache and beard exudes age, wisdom, and experience.  Once your child wears one of our Mustache Pacifiers, the crying will cease and childhood will be a distant memory.  Gray hair, tax refunds, and midlife crises will commence.  The mustache has mysterious powers!

Where’s the mute button?

If you click here, you might fracture a rib from laughing too much!  The volume pacifier will put a smile on any parent’s face.  Sometimes you just want to turn the volume down on the crying, but can’t.  Well now’s your chance!  Or you can take a look at the Panic Button Pacifier.  Bouts of crying are very spontaneous and panic driven.  Keep a panic button close to your child at all times!

If you can’t stop the little one from crying, pick up one of our hilarious pacifiers, and, at least, enjoy a laugh or two!