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Don’t we all wish we were a spy? Especially when we were kids and would sneak around the house or every time a new James Bond movie comes out in theaters. Now your dream can become a reality. Being a spy is no longer limited to the silver screen and one’s own imagination. With our cool spy gadgets, bring your desire to be a spy to life!

Want to spy on someone in your very own home? Then click here to look at our surveillance cameras that are hidden in everyday household objects, such as smoke detectors, oscillating fans, clocks, picture frames, etc. The list goes on and on! The person you’re spying on will be none the wiser.

Wanna keep tabs on someone? Then a GPS tracking device is what you’re looking for. Place it in your child’s backpack, a car, or anywhere else to keep track of whoever you want!

But the spy fun doesn’t end there. If you really wanna be sneaky, check out our audio security gadgets. Have you ever seen a movie where the guy wears the voice recorder with annoying wires taped to his chest. The person he’s spying on always figures out that the man is wired and exposes his deception. Now you can avoid that messy situation. No need to tape anything to your body with these gadgets that have voice recorders hidden in things such as a pen, flash drive, and other common objects.

Ready to be sneaky? This is your chance!

Cool Father’s Day Gifts

Father’s Day is June 16th. Don’t worry! We haven’t bought gifts for our dads yet either. With the holiday fast approaching now’s the time to get him a cool gadget that he’s sure to enjoy. Don’t just get your dad another tie. Get him something of which he’s sure not to get duplicates.
This personalized BBQ branding iron will allow him to put his name on his food before grilling it, or any other words he so chooses! He can brand a name or any message into all those juicy steaks and hamburgers by arranging the metal letters in the iron. With summertime upon us, this nifty gadget is perfect! Soon everyone will be outside cooking on the grill and attending endless BBQ’s.

Now your dad doesn’t have to carry around his wallet with what seems like a thousand photos in it. This digital photo watch is a much easier way to keep warm family memories always in eye’s view. Holding up to 60 photos, whenever he checks the time a smile will instantly form on his face. He’ll finally be able to see beautiful pictures of his favorite grandchildren right on his wrist!

Check out some of our funny gifts if you’re looking to make him really laugh. With this prescription coffee mug, remind him just how old he’s getting in a good-humored way. Click here if beer is his preferred beverage. He’ll make great use of a personalized Joe six pack beer belt!