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BBQ Gadgets

July 4th is next Thursday and the summer has officially begun! We’ve got everything you need to have a BBQ season that runs smoothly. Now mind you these aren’t the ordinary things you’d see lying around near the grill. While you’re busy adding flavor to your meat, why not spice up the items in your kitchen, too!  These BBQ gadgets will certainly come in handy.

No matter how bright the sun may be shining, this inflatable buffet will ensure that your food stays nice and cold. You no longer have to worry about leaving food out in the sun too long. Blow up this portable buffet, fill it with ice, and everything will stay nice and cool. This convenient gadget is a must-have for any outdoor gathering.

If you are really looking for a unique gadget, check out this brass knuckles meat tenderizer. Simply place your fingers in the holes, ball your hand into a fist, and hit that slab of meat with your best shot. Don’t settle for an ordinary meat tenderizer when you can use this unique BBQ gadget that literally lets you pack a punch!

So now we’ve covered the gadgets you need to prepare your food and display it when it’s already to be gobbled down. After the barbecue when everyone has gone home it’s clean up time. However, this no longer has to be the most dreaded part of the day. Keep the good times rolling with this barbecue grill brush that will make your life so much easier. This brush has a scrubber that is battery-powered so you can effortlessly clean the grill without a hassle!

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Funny Pacifiers

No one wants to hear a baby cry. Not only are they sad, but it makes us sad, too. But now you can help quiet the noise and add a touch of humor to these occurrences at the same time with these funny pacifiers! You and everyone who gets a look at your baby will engage in never-ending laughter.

To the left is a hilarious pacifier that will make your baby look like they have lips that are half the size of their face. The lips are full, glossy, and appear to be covered in red lipstick. Everyone will by crying (with tears of merriment, of course)  when they see this hilarious spectacle.

Don’t you ever wish your baby came with a remote control so you can turn the volume up or down? Admit it. You’d probably press the mute button once and leave it as that. Well this funny pacifier can help your dream come true. The pacifier looks like a volume dial that one would see on a stereo. The word “volume” is displayed front and center with small numbers surrounding it. Why not see if you can control the volume on your baby? It’s worth a shot.

What’s funnier than a baby dressed as a grown up? Oh wait, nothing! We’re not talking about putting your baby in a business suit. Add some hair to his face with the goatee and mustache pacifiers that will make your baby look like they already have facial hair!


Gifts for Dad

We’re now in the final stretch. Father’s Day is this Sunday, June 16th. The clock is ticking down. But no need to worry, because we have all sorts of neat gadgets that Dad is sure to enjoy! If he likes to play golf, we’ve got all kinds of golf gadgets, any of which are sure to please him.

This bucket full of golf equipment is the perfect gift for any lover of the game. It comes with a divot tool, ball marker, a bag for golf shoes and accessories, a cotton towel, 30 tees, a cleaning brush, and 2 golf balls. And all of these things come in a golf bucket! He’ll be more than happy with all the things he needs for a great round of golf!

Click here to see our electronic coin sorters. This neat gadget will sort all of his loose change quickly so he’ll no longer be jingling every time he takes a step! He’ll just press a button and drop in his coins and this cool gift will sort and neatly stack all of his coins for him.

If your dad loves to fish (what father doesn’t?), then this novelty clock is a great Father’s Day present for him. In place of large numbers to keep the time, this unique clock has pictures of different gamefish! Plus it makes fishing noises, such as the sound of water splashing, during different times in the day.

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Gift Mazes

With Father’s Day fast approaching and never-ending birthdays to shop for, who has the time to think of what particular gift will make everyone happy? Don’t you just hate the feeling of giving them something that they didn’t even want or already have a million of? No need to clutter their home or gift them an item they’ll just sell at their next yard sale. Give them something that would make anybody happy!

With the gift card maze, giving them the power to buy what they wish has never been so much fun! Insert a gift card into this plastic container then give it to the lucky recipient. They will have to successfully figure out the maze to unlock it and get their gift card! Why make it easy for them to receive their gift when you can add a new level of challenging fun to the gift giving process?!

And it doesn’t stop there. Don’t just hand your cash over anymore or put it inside a greeting card or envelope. There’s more fun to be had than that! With a money maze puzzle bank, they’ll have to earn the cash you’re giving them. Just like the gift card maze, they’ll have to solve the puzzle in order to unlock their prize!

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