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Gift Mazes

With Father’s Day fast approaching and never-ending birthdays to shop for, who has the time to think of what particular gift will make everyone happy? Don’t you just hate the feeling of giving them something that they didn’t even want or already have a million of? No need to clutter their home or gift them an item they’ll just sell at their next yard sale. Give them something that would make anybody happy!

With the gift card maze, giving them the power to buy what they wish has never been so much fun! Insert a gift card into this plastic container then give it to the lucky recipient. They will have to successfully figure out the maze to unlock it and get their gift card! Why make it easy for them to receive their gift when you can add a new level of challenging fun to the gift giving process?!

And it doesn’t stop there. Don’t just hand your cash over anymore or put it inside a greeting card or envelope. There’s more fun to be had than that! With a money maze puzzle bank, they’ll have to earn the cash you’re giving them. Just like the gift card maze, they’ll have to solve the puzzle in order to unlock their prize!

Click here to see our DVD maze. Not only will the movie you give them provide them with entertainment, but so will the puzzle in which you place the DVD!




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