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Funny Pacifiers

No one wants to hear a baby cry. Not only are they sad, but it makes us sad, too. But now you can help quiet the noise and add a touch of humor to these occurrences at the same time with these funny pacifiers! You and everyone who gets a look at your baby will engage in never-ending laughter.

To the left is a hilarious pacifier that will make your baby look like they have lips that are half the size of their face. The lips are full, glossy, and appear to be covered in red lipstick. Everyone will by crying (with tears of merriment, of course)  when they see this hilarious spectacle.

Don’t you ever wish your baby came with a remote control so you can turn the volume up or down? Admit it. You’d probably press the mute button once and leave it as that. Well this funny pacifier can help your dream come true. The pacifier looks like a volume dial that one would see on a stereo. The word “volume” is displayed front and center with small numbers surrounding it. Why not see if you can control the volume on your baby? It’s worth a shot.

What’s funnier than a baby dressed as a grown up? Oh wait, nothing! We’re not talking about putting your baby in a business suit. Add some hair to his face with the goatee and mustache pacifiers that will make your baby look like they already have facial hair!


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