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Funny Coffee Mugs

Are you addicted to drinking coffee? Or maybe you know someone whose coffee machine is used more than any other appliance in their house. Whether you want to spice up your own morning routine of guzzling down a cup of joe or are in need of a gift for a coworker, these novelty mugs will add some definite laughter to everyone’s day!

On the left is a picture of the shit list mug. This humorous gift conveniently has a mini clipboard attached to it along with a marker that is stored inside the mug’s handle. When someone like your personal trainer makes you mad by lying straight to your face about how many sets you have left or if there’s a person in the office who just did you wrong, you can immediately scribble their name down on this funny coffee mug and begin plotting your revenge!

The toilet mug is always a favorite. Click here to see it for yourself! Because this funny mug is shaped like a toilet combined with the color of coffee, everyone will be torn between busting out laughing or making a face of disgust and saying “eww!”

If you’re looking for religious gifts, we’ve got two unique ideas that will make even your pastor crack up in tears. Check out the “Jesus Shaves” mug that is a hilarious twist on the usual “Jesus saves” concept. Another great choice is the Adam and Eve mug that can be seen here.¬†As you pour in coffee, the leaves covering the couple’s private parts disappear shamefully!

Take a look at all of our funny coffee mugs that make for hilarious gifts!

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