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Funny Garden Gnomes

Some people really do tend to their gardens: consistently pulling the weeds, watering the plants, and performing other necessary tasks to keep their garden looking good. Perhaps you are one of these people who has your handy bag full of gardening tools. You put on your hat with the wide brim to keep the sun out of your eyes and have custom fitted gloves to keep the dirt from getting underneath your fingernails. Or maybe you belong to a separate category of people who has a garden that has been left unattended and turned into a bed of weeds. Whether you have the best garden in the neighborhood that looks like it belongs on the cover of “Home & Gardens” or the exact opposite, any of these funny garden gnomes will add some humor to your yard!

 To the left is one such example of lawn gnomes that will make everyone laugh. The Scarface garden gnome is the Al Pacino of garden decorations. With a machine gun in hand, the base of this funny garden gnome has the following words: “Say hello to my little friend.” This may be one the most commonly referenced movie lines of all time, and this garden gnome statue will be just as popular!

Do you think it would be cool if everyone who passed by threw dollar bills in your yard? That dream can become a reality by placing the stripper garden gnome in your yard! This female garden gnome is an exotic dancing statue that is just another example of our unique garden gnomes. Click here to see all of the cute garden gnomes.

Funny Shot Glasses

Going to the bar is fun. The atmosphere is great, the bartender knows how to make your favorite drink just the way you like it, and of course taking shots with your friends is the highlight of your night. Everyone enjoys going to the bar, but it is certainly expensive. Eventually, you have to pay your bar tab and once you see the amount that has slowly but surely accumulated over time, you realize that there has to be another option that’s just as fun. These funny shot glasses allow you to experience the drunken fun of taking shots with your friends right in your own home! Whether you are looking for a cheap alternative to the bar or are searching for unique shot glasses to give to a friend or co-worker, any of these shot glass sets are funny gifts that anyone will enjoy.

If you’re looking to get wasted, then there is no better choice than the novelty shot glasses pictured on the left. The toxic waste theme of these fun shot glasses is perfect for a night when you want to forget about your worries and focus on getting as drunk as possible! Click here to see these funny drinking glasses.

Of course, the toxic waste shot glasses are just one example of our novelty gifts that can be used for a quick and unique way to get drunk. We’ve got all kinds of cool shot glasses, ranging from ones that look like toilets to those that resemble prescription bottles. Where to buy shot glasses is here!

Funny Office Gifts

Going to work can be a real drag. Do you ever find yourself setting your alarm clock super early just so you can press the snooze button over and over again until you absolutely must get up for that long commute to the office? With only two weeks of vacation time a year, you stare at the calendar and realize that almost each day of your life consists of guzzling down a cup of coffee in a hurry and rushing out the door only to spend eight hours sitting down at a desk staring blankly at a computer screen. Wow! That all sounds really depressing. Luckily, you can make the long work day more fun with one of these cool office gadgets.

Each office is filled with the same kind of people. There is always the guy whose every word is nothing but b.s. Now when he comes by your cubicle you can make him realize how stupid he sounds by pressing the bullshit button. Press down on this red buzzer and the announcer will say something along the lines of “Bullshit detected” or “That was bullshit!”


Don’t you love the feeling of finally getting through that big pile of papers that has been sitting on your desk all week? A feeling of relief and satisfaction overcomes you and all seems right with the world. Of course, this moment of inward rejoicing never lasts long because a new stack of papers even taller than the last one is soon placed on your desk. What do you do in times like these? Use the like and dislike stamps to clearly display to your boss and others in the office how you feel about your work!

These are just two funny gift ideas. Click here to see our other office gifts that add some humor to the work day!