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Unique Salt and Pepper Shakers

Looking for funny novelty gifts to give to your friends or simply want to have more laughs at the dinner table? Then you have definitely come to the right place. We’ve got lots of funny gift ideas, but today’s post is specifically about funny salt and pepper shakers that will turn seasoning bland food into a comical performance during meal time!

To the left are two very cool salt ¬†and pepper shakers that look like a ¬†toilet and urinal! Click here to check them out. While they may seem to belong in the bathroom, their rightful place is actually on the table or countertop! If you don’t mind bathroom humor, then these salt pepper shakers are for you!

We’ve got three other options for you to choose from. If you’re a person who prefers the farm to the bathroom, then the naughty pigs salt and pepper shaker set might be more up your alley, featuring two pigs who are being rather intimate with one another.

Do you spend a lot of time in the garden? Then you might like these salt & pepper shakers that are the two butt cheeks of a garden gnome with his pants pulled down. Click here to see them for yourself! If instead you are a fan of Doctor Who, then check out these fun salt and pepper shakers that look like Tardis and a Dalek, making these cute salt and pepper shakers the coolest of all Doctor Who gifts.

All of these fun salt and pepper shakers are funny gag gift ideas that are also practical in use! Novelty salt and pepper shakers are funny gifts that cause lots of laughter and can be used to spice up food and liven up the atmosphere in the dining room!