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Awesome Bar Gadgets Just In Time For Father’s Day!

Summer time is here again! The grass is greener, the sun is brighter, and schools all over the nation are releasing their tiny prisoners. Everybody knows that as the temperature rises, there’s nothing more refreshing than cooling off with a nice cold drink. While a lemonade might be enough for the kids, a grown-up thirst mandates a grown-up beverage, namely something with a bit of booze (or maybe more than a bit).  This summer, there’s no better way to quench that thirst then with your favorite type of alcohol and some cool new Bar Gadgets!

Umbrella Coasters

The definition of summer

A good drink can remind you of a different time and place. Maybe a friend of yours was always fond of a very dirty martini. Perhaps your first drink on your 21st birthday was a tequila sunrise. A whiskey on the rocks might conjure up images of a drunken uncle passed out at your last family reunion. These memories never have to fade when you have a bar stocked with the proper drink mixers and cool drink makers! Out with the cork coasters and in with these umbrella coasters (pictured). A glass of sangria never looked so good!

But drinking doesn’t always need to be complicated by mixing, recipes, and glass cups. Sometimes you just need a classic: a good old-fashioned beer in a can. The perfect bar gadget for you beer-drinkers is a cup koozie. Just place it around your favorite ale and keep body heat in your body and away from the can. It also keeps your hands nice and dry. Now all you have to do is challenge your dad to a game of beer pong for a roaring good time!

Speaking of fathers, with all the excitement of summer, it’s pretty easy to forget a unique Father’s Day present for his special day. Mom always gets flowers and jewelry, but what about dear old Dad? No, don’t get him another ugly tie or macaroni sculpture. You’re over 21. It’s not cute anymore. Deal with this holiday like an adult by getting him a personalized flask, novelty drinking glass, or even a new liquor dispenser. Remember, it’s the thought that counts, especially when that thought is alcohol.

Don’t let summer pass you by without getting boozed up in high style. With these awesome bar gadgets, you’ll be cool in every sense of the word!

New Gadgets and a New Design!

Feast your eyes on the newly designed Gadget Bargains!  The site has been revamped, and it looks better than ever!  Charlie, hype off of tiger blood, couldn’t match the sheen of our new logo.  Enjoy the new layout, and while you’re at it, take a look at some of our New Gadgets!


Fresh on the shelves of your favorite bargain spot, our Nostalgia Electrics products bring a little bit of fun and excitement to your kitchen!  Take a look at the Smores Maker.  Campfire treats have crept into the homes of the hungry.  We have Snow Cone Carts, Donut Makers, Pretzel Makers, and more.  Children will look forward to dessert more than Christmas.  Excitement is a necessity for any kitchen.  Food and fun will be synonymous with these unique kitchen gadgets!


Food and snacks aren’t the only categories breaking ground.  We have some cool photo gifts that are both pleasant and practical!  The Photo Smartphone Case and iPad Cover are amazing family gifts.  Cover these handy gifts with pictures of your loved ones, and protect your electronics while you’re at it.  Gifts generally fall into 2 categories: practical and pleasure.  Mr. Robot falls under pleasure.  Kids will love this Disc Shooting Robot.  I smell a sci-fi adventure brewing and your child is the star!


You can choose a gadget with your eyes closed.  Everything’s state of the art.  It’s a win-win situation.  Try out one of our New Gadgets!

Gag Gifts in Honor of April Fools’ Day!

April Fools’ Day is a time of trickery and deceit!  Don’t believe everything you see and hear because a prankster might have their treacherous sights on you.  You have two options to survive this day: keep a careful eye or fight fire with fire.  April Fools’ Day is about pranks and laughs.  If deception and laugh-out-loud humor sound like an enjoyable option, try one of our Gag Gifts!


Sustain your sense of humor with a hilarious collection of gifts!  A stray rodent is the last thing anyone wants to see in his or her home.  Find out how high your friend can jump with a Remote Controlled Rat.  Watch as the target of your prank jumps out of their skin at the sight of this toy rat.  Make the joke more believable with a Mouse Trap Cheese Cutter.  The stage will be set for the ultimate April Fools’ prank!


Every party is defined by its amenities!  Throw a convenient and hysterical social event with our funny liquor dispensers!  The Old Geezer Liquor Dispenser and the Little Whizzer Liquor Dispenser crosses generations and takes drinking games to a whole new level.  The strong taste of alcohol won’t make a difference once you bust out laughing.  Funny gifts and drinking gifts seem to go hand in hand.  The Loudmouth Talking Can Holder and Beer Belt will be the highlights of your day.  Laugh the night away with these novelty gifts!


Sit back and enjoy the fireworks or pay homage to April Fools’ Day with our Gag Gifts!

Fill Up that Empty Block of Time with a Desktop Game!

Boredom and unguided leisure time doesn’t discriminate by location!  Whether you’re at home or at the office, that annoying bug called monotony will buzz in your ear at some point in time.  Regular repellent or fly swatters won’t work for this nuisance.  Give one of our Desktop Games a chance!


Our collection of Desktop Games feature many popular sports!  Find your favorite and enjoy every moment of your free time.  Desktop Golf is a stress reliever just like the real game.  Improve your putting skills and make a run at the PGA tour.  Tiger Woods will have some competition once you tune up your skills on this field.  However, if you don’t swing that way, Desktop Basketball provides more frenzied entertainment.  Perfecting your shot on this rim will soon take up all of your time!  Sports gifts are always an easy choice!


Executive Desktop Games are not limited to the big time sports.  Desktop Darts will steer you away from the bars and the pool halls.  Practice your marksmanship with these darts, or take aim with Desktop Skill Ball.  Bring the arcade to your living room and never have a dull moment.  Our collection also includes Desktop Bowling, Desktop Shuffleboard, and more.  Find your new favorite hobby and kill time with fun!


Sports fans and anyone with spare time will enjoy taking the reins of these Desktop Games!

Your Body is a Temple: Personal Care Items that Work!

Your body is your temple and you must worship it!  Not in a sick and twisted fashion, but keep up the maintenance and take of yourself.  Sweep the floors, trim the hedges, use a new coat of paint, and make a sacrifice at the altar once in a while.  Upkeep gets you into heaven, a mental heaven driven on satisfaction.  Look good, but most of all feel good, with our Personal Care collection!


Start from the top!  Hair Dryers, Hair Styling Tools, Shaver and Trimmers keep you looking good!  Women can keep their hair in order with our different curling irons that won’t damage or dry out hair.  For the men, our shavers and trimmers come with different blade variations so you can stay sharp and on point.  Move from the top of your head and down to your mouth.  Oral Care is vital!  Bad breath can ruin friendships!  We have dynamic dental systems and electric toothbrushes.  Use these products and your dentist will probably be jealous!


Personal Care Gadgets do the dirty work in a simple fashion!  Our Back Scratchers work on those hard to reach places and soothe any itch, except for those of the alcoholic variety.  The Biggest Loser Scales come in different colors and show your progression or regression in weight on a digital scale.  Other items of interest include Gel Hand Warmers, Medicine Cookers, Pedicure Slippers, and many more!


Simple gadgets can save you a future headache!  Make your life a little easier with a Personal Care item!

Get your Life Together with a Home Organizer!

Order and organization is the key to sanity!  It can go both ways.  The need to be tidy in every facet of life and the obsessive compulsion over organization can roll you to either side of the sea-saw.  Well, we’re here to fuel whichever direction you fall.  Tighten up with a Home Organizer!


Always keep your place of rest out of disarray with a Home Organizer!  We have caddies and racks for the whole family.  For the fathers with a business wardrobe, a Tie Rack should be in order (Get it?).  These racks mount, cycle, and shine light.  You can’t ask for much more!  Couch potatoes may get lazier, but at least they’ll be comfortable when they use one of our Remote Control Caddy Organizers.  These products keep all the television watching essentials in one place, and should fit perfectly on your indented couches.  What’s better than watching the game without having to get up for anything?  All we need now is a toilet in the sofa!


Other valuable items include belt racks, shoe organizers, and battery organizers.  However, organizers are not just meant to supplant the home.  Office Organizers keep your coworkers off your back about cleanliness.  The Miniature File Cabinet is perfect for small pieces of paper like business cards.  Butt Station Desk Organizers liven up the room and hold your essential office accessories.  A clean office desktop is a great for naps!


Whether it’s your home, office, or car, some type of order will be needed sooner or later.  Don’t be late to the practical parade.  Put everything where they should be by using a Home or Office Organizer!

Keep your Office Busy with a Desktop Gift!

Let’s face it, time drags at work!  The big hand on the clock never seems to move and lunch is never on time.  While you’re at your desk, you should find things to keep you occupied when the boss isn’t looking, or when you feel like it, if you’re the boss.  Either way, you’ll get a kick out of our Executive Gifts that are fit for desktop distractions!


Sports fans will love our Executive Desktop Games!  Bowling, pool, air hockey, foosball, and basketball are some of the sport games that can grace your desk.  All of the thrills and excitement of the real action are captured into portable games that can be played on any desktop.  If sports is not your thing, then try the Desktop Drum Set or Finger Guitar Toy.  Chances of being a rock star may fade, but your dreams never will!


Stress is a great predictor of the quality of your work!  Always shell out top-notch effort by first releasing that tension with a Stress Buster Desktop Punching Ball.  Imagine the punching ball as your roadblock and swing for a worry free life.  A nice beverage can also calm anyone down.  Choose the drink your choice and use a Novelty Mug.  The Jesus Shaves Mug and the Gun Mug are just two examples of the variation of cups available.  These drinking mugs look great on a desktop as a decoration piece or an item holder.  Great office gifts belong at the forefront!


A desk is like a poster because it reflects the owner’s personality!  Give everyone a peek into your interests and quirks with a Desktop Gift!

Gift Golf Gadgets to Giddy Gamers!

Calm your nerves with a round of golf!  Take some time out of your day to swing for a hole-in-one or work on your putting game.  A day at the range can be soothing.  Each swing releases the struggles and stress of your daily life.  Go a step further and prepare yourself properly with our collection of handy Golf Gadgets!


Before your size up your shot, the Jar of Golf Gifts makes sure you’re fully prepared!  Many golfing essentials from golf tees to golf balls are included in the jar.  All of the items will be more than secure because the container is airtight.  Avid golf fans will never leave home without it.  The same goes for the Bucket of Golf Gifts.  The bucket includes a divot tool, ball marker, and much more.  These handy gifts are great for golf fans that like to stay prepared!


During your downtime, have fun with the Antique Golf Playing Cards!  Play a hand of your favorite game with these golf themed cards that sport an old fashioned design and comes packed in a Mahogany stained wooden case.  Class and tradition are the first two words that come to mind!  You also have other options.  The Golf Puzzle Cube is a great way to pass the time.  Align the golf images by turning the cube and putting your brain to the test.  Between, before, and after swings, golfers now have the means to occupy themselves!


Be prepared for a relaxing game of golf from all angles with our collection of Golf Gadgets!

Survive the Cold Months with our Winter Gadgets!

The winter chills are creeping up!  Rev up your radiators, and bundle up in multiple layers of clothing because it’s going to be a cold couple of months.  Snow storms and below zero weather creates an avalanche of problems that ranges from cold sicknesses to car trouble.  Prepare for these harsh times with our Winter Gadgets!


Our collection of Winter Gadgets is headlined by our Windshield Scrapers!  Melt those pesky icicles off of your windshield with our heating rods and scrapers.  These sets also include squeegees to eliminate the moisture, and deicers for the car locks.  Lock De-Icers are sold separately as well.  For added ease and accessibility, key rings and compact lights come with this handy tool.  Take the hassle away from your morning struggle with these car gadgets!


Most of winter will be spent indoors.  To cope with the weather, take a look at our portable Heaters.  Heat up your home or office with a space heater that warms you up during the winter, but can also cool you off once summertime comes around.  These heaters are portable, easy to set up, and save space and energy.  You won’t be disappointed!


Why limit your comfort?  Protect your car from the damages of winter weather with a Windshield Cover.  Not only is it ideal for winter, but it can also be used during the hotter seasons as well to protect the interior from the sun.  Ice scraper mitts and traction shoes provide an extra level of security on the slippery ice, and heated cushions provide a pleasant driving experience!


Be fully prepared to take on the annual cold war with our collection of Winter Gadgets!

Say Cheese: Photo Gifts that Turn Memories to Keepsakes

Memories are constant!  You can’t capture all of them because there’s not enough film in the world to do so, but there are times when the snapshot of camera saves a prized instant.  Those photographs need to be preserved and put on display so that everyone can share in your joy.  This is more than possible with our collection of Photo Gifts!


There are many creative ways to flaunt your photos!  Talking Picture Frames might be the most entertaining house decorations.  Place your favorite photo inside the Family Recordable Picture Frame and listen to a personalized message that can be up to ten seconds long.  The message will bring that memory to life and make that picture worth more than a thousand words.  The Talking Alarm Clock will start your day off right with the photo of your choice along with a personalized recording.  It’s an overload of emotions that’s too good to pass up!


Photo Trays enhances what already might be your favorite part of the day!  What can make your next meal even better?  An Umbra Photo Serving Tray allows you to frame various personal pictures in your food tray.  Every time you look down to take a bite to eat, a flood of emotions will overtake your taste buds to provide a memorable meal.  Digital Picture Frames let you enjoy multiple digital photos in a portable slideshow with a crisp presentation.  Picture frames are not following the technological trends!


Treasure all of your important moments in a special fashion with our Photo Gifts!