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Funny Pacifiers

No one wants to hear a baby cry. Not only are they sad, but it makes us sad, too. But now you can help quiet the noise and add a touch of humor to these occurrences at the same time with these funny pacifiers! You and everyone who gets a look at your baby will engage in never-ending laughter.

To the left is a hilarious pacifier that will make your baby look like they have lips that are half the size of their face. The lips are full, glossy, and appear to be covered in red lipstick. Everyone will by crying (with tears of merriment, of course)  when they see this hilarious spectacle.

Don’t you ever wish your baby came with a remote control so you can turn the volume up or down? Admit it. You’d probably press the mute button once and leave it as that. Well this funny pacifier can help your dream come true. The pacifier looks like a volume dial that one would see on a stereo. The word “volume” is displayed front and center with small numbers surrounding it. Why not see if you can control the volume on your baby? It’s worth a shot.

What’s funnier than a baby dressed as a grown up? Oh wait, nothing! We’re not talking about putting your baby in a business suit. Add some hair to his face with the goatee and mustache pacifiers that will make your baby look like they already have facial hair!


Gifts for Dad

We’re now in the final stretch. Father’s Day is this Sunday, June 16th. The clock is ticking down. But no need to worry, because we have all sorts of neat gadgets that Dad is sure to enjoy! If he likes to play golf, we’ve got all kinds of golf gadgets, any of which are sure to please him.

This bucket full of golf equipment is the perfect gift for any lover of the game. It comes with a divot tool, ball marker, a bag for golf shoes and accessories, a cotton towel, 30 tees, a cleaning brush, and 2 golf balls. And all of these things come in a golf bucket! He’ll be more than happy with all the things he needs for a great round of golf!

Click here to see our electronic coin sorters. This neat gadget will sort all of his loose change quickly so he’ll no longer be jingling every time he takes a step! He’ll just press a button and drop in his coins and this cool gift will sort and neatly stack all of his coins for him.

If your dad loves to fish (what father doesn’t?), then this novelty clock is a great Father’s Day present for him. In place of large numbers to keep the time, this unique clock has pictures of different gamefish! Plus it makes fishing noises, such as the sound of water splashing, during different times in the day.

Check out all of our gadgets for men here.

Gift Mazes

With Father’s Day fast approaching and never-ending birthdays to shop for, who has the time to think of what particular gift will make everyone happy? Don’t you just hate the feeling of giving them something that they didn’t even want or already have a million of? No need to clutter their home or gift them an item they’ll just sell at their next yard sale. Give them something that would make anybody happy!

With the gift card maze, giving them the power to buy what they wish has never been so much fun! Insert a gift card into this plastic container then give it to the lucky recipient. They will have to successfully figure out the maze to unlock it and get their gift card! Why make it easy for them to receive their gift when you can add a new level of challenging fun to the gift giving process?!

And it doesn’t stop there. Don’t just hand your cash over anymore or put it inside a greeting card or envelope. There’s more fun to be had than that! With a money maze puzzle bank, they’ll have to earn the cash you’re giving them. Just like the gift card maze, they’ll have to solve the puzzle in order to unlock their prize!

Click here to see our DVD maze. Not only will the movie you give them provide them with entertainment, but so will the puzzle in which you place the DVD!




Don’t we all wish we were a spy? Especially when we were kids and would sneak around the house or every time a new James Bond movie comes out in theaters. Now your dream can become a reality. Being a spy is no longer limited to the silver screen and one’s own imagination. With our cool spy gadgets, bring your desire to be a spy to life!

Want to spy on someone in your very own home? Then click here to look at our surveillance cameras that are hidden in everyday household objects, such as smoke detectors, oscillating fans, clocks, picture frames, etc. The list goes on and on! The person you’re spying on will be none the wiser.

Wanna keep tabs on someone? Then a GPS tracking device is what you’re looking for. Place it in your child’s backpack, a car, or anywhere else to keep track of whoever you want!

But the spy fun doesn’t end there. If you really wanna be sneaky, check out our audio security gadgets. Have you ever seen a movie where the guy wears the voice recorder with annoying wires taped to his chest. The person he’s spying on always figures out that the man is wired and exposes his deception. Now you can avoid that messy situation. No need to tape anything to your body with these gadgets that have voice recorders hidden in things such as a pen, flash drive, and other common objects.

Ready to be sneaky? This is your chance!

Cool Father’s Day Gifts

Father’s Day is June 16th. Don’t worry! We haven’t bought gifts for our dads yet either. With the holiday fast approaching now’s the time to get him a cool gadget that he’s sure to enjoy. Don’t just get your dad another tie. Get him something of which he’s sure not to get duplicates.
This personalized BBQ branding iron will allow him to put his name on his food before grilling it, or any other words he so chooses! He can brand a name or any message into all those juicy steaks and hamburgers by arranging the metal letters in the iron. With summertime upon us, this nifty gadget is perfect! Soon everyone will be outside cooking on the grill and attending endless BBQ’s.

Now your dad doesn’t have to carry around his wallet with what seems like a thousand photos in it. This digital photo watch is a much easier way to keep warm family memories always in eye’s view. Holding up to 60 photos, whenever he checks the time a smile will instantly form on his face. He’ll finally be able to see beautiful pictures of his favorite grandchildren right on his wrist!

Check out some of our funny gifts if you’re looking to make him really laugh. With this prescription coffee mug, remind him just how old he’s getting in a good-humored way. Click here if beer is his preferred beverage. He’ll make great use of a personalized Joe six pack beer belt!

Funny Pacifiers to Alleviate the Stress!

Newborns seem to sing only one song on repeat!  They cry, cry, and cry all night and all day.  That’s where the pacifier comes in.  This stopgap can be a lifesaver.  A few moments of silence can make parenthood a little more manageable.  Click here and take a look at our collection of pacifiers.  We offer a selection that offers comedic relief to eliminate some of the stress of raising a child!

Check out our Mustachifiers, and gain a sneak peek at what puberty will do to your child in the future.  Quiet the cries with a handlebar or cowboy mustache.  Maturity is signified by facial hair.  A mustache and beard exudes age, wisdom, and experience.  Once your child wears one of our Mustache Pacifiers, the crying will cease and childhood will be a distant memory.  Gray hair, tax refunds, and midlife crises will commence.  The mustache has mysterious powers!

Where’s the mute button?

If you click here, you might fracture a rib from laughing too much!  The volume pacifier will put a smile on any parent’s face.  Sometimes you just want to turn the volume down on the crying, but can’t.  Well now’s your chance!  Or you can take a look at the Panic Button Pacifier.  Bouts of crying are very spontaneous and panic driven.  Keep a panic button close to your child at all times!

If you can’t stop the little one from crying, pick up one of our hilarious pacifiers, and, at least, enjoy a laugh or two!

Jumbo Drinking Glasses!

Sometimes a regular sized cup just doesn’t do it!  That’s why some people just drink straight out of the carton.  However, when you live with other people, drinking straight out of the carton is not very welcoming.  Germ and colds can be passed easily.  So how do you get more bang for your buck (more gulp from your sip)?  Take a look at this section!

Click here and witness a different interpretation of the “one glass of wine per day” rule!  Instead of bending the rules, stretch it.  These drinking glasses are huge.  With any one of these glasses, you can drink a whole glass of wine with one pour.  One of them is even shaped like a wine bottle.  Go big or go home when it comes to drinking wine.  Even Ellen Degeneres approves of these items!

Chug! Chug! Chug!

Asides from wine, an extra helping of beer or a bigger martini wouldn’t hurt!  Check out a drinking gift that will redefine frat parties.  The Giant Red Cup is 8” tall.  That’s almost as long as a person’s forearm.  Fill it up and take fewer trips to the keg (but more trips to the bathroom).  The line is long anyways.  The Extra Large Champagne Glass should also be another hit.  No New Year’s celebration will be complete without it.  These novelty drinking gifts are practical and hilarious at the same time!

Time is of the essence, and you shouldn’t waste it pouring a drink every second.  Get your fill in one shot!

Wiper Glasses!

Bad weather is a sight for sore eyes!  Flooding rain, and dirty and slushy snow are just a few examples of unsavory weather conditions.  These conditions can turn neighborhoods into ghost towns overlooked by a roof of clouds.  Puddles and slippery concrete will rule the landscape until the sun comes out to clean it up, but you don’t have to put up with that!


Rain Rain Go Away

Click here to find a solution to traveling in the rain!  The Wiper Glasses will usher in a new wave in weather wear.  Raincoats come in handy as well as umbrellas, but when it starts coming down there’s no way to stop every raindrop.  These rain goggles will protect your line of sight.  Not one drop will reach your eyes, and the lens will be wiped clean thanks to the wipers.  Clear windows will equal smooth sailings.  If you’re fully prepared, the rain isn’t that bad.  This gadget is both funny and useful!

Check out another pair of rain shades!  This pair is purple and carries blue wipers.  As mentioned before, precipitation is no match for these goggles.  Water balloon fights and water gun fights are also fair game.  Head-shots will never faze you again.  Your sight will not be hindered and you will look cool in the meantime!

Wiper Glasses are useful in more ways than one!  Take them out for a spin and protect your vision in style!

Funny Garden Gnomes!

The backyard, front yard, and garden should have the necessary amenities to transform a house into a home.  Grass, flowers, and grill sets are the usual suspects, but a usual suspect is a boring suspect.  Stand out from your neighbors, and decorate the exterior of your home with a little bit of humor.  Click here and take a look at a funny bunch that deserves airtime!

Garden Gnome on the Throne

Meet Tony Montana’s long lost son!  This bad boy is sure to spice things up in your neighborhood.  The famous quote, “Say hello to my little friend,” comes back in full force.  If the neighbor’s dog keeps leaving presents on your lawn, one whiff of this funny gnome will solve that problem.  For a surprise of a different kind, take look at the Perverted Garden Gnome.  He totes the same message as his drug lord friend but uses a different kind of weapon!

Nightlights are useful both inside and outside!  Click here and take a look at the moon whenever you want.  A mooning gnome means well, but just helps the only way he knows how: butt-first.  A full moon will have more than one meaning when it comes to your yard.  For a behind of a different kind, go for a Stripper Garden Gnome.  The children might have to cover their eyes for this one.  Who knew gnomes had so much personality?

If you want to take your yard and lawn to the next level, a garden gnome is the way to go!

Funny Bottle Openers!

It’s Friday night, and you’re throwing a party that will go down in history!  Everything is set.  Your closest friends are present, and the people you’re trying to impress have just walked in the door.  The music playlist has all of the newest hits, and the strobe lights have set the mood.  Last but not least, the drinks are cold and ready for consumption, but there’s one problem.  How are you going to open them?  Click here to find out!

They look good enough to wear!

Our Funny Bottle Openers will break the ice at your next event!  Take a look at the Switchblade Bottle.  You won’t find a cooler way to open up your bottle.  It’s stylish, rebellious, and convenient.  Plus it’s better than using your teeth or messing up the edges of your tables.  Just make sure you don’t pull this bad boy out in the wrong place.  For a more tame approach, give this one a try!  We have a high heel bottle opener and a high heel wine bottle holder.  A little bit of variety never hurt anyone.  Create an exciting night with these drinking gifts!

The aforementioned suggestions are great, but if you want a more convenient alternative, click here.  A bottle opener ring takes the least amount of effort.  Simply, slip it on to your finger and pop the top of any beer bottle.  There are various designs that should strike your fancy.  We have a skull design, clover theme, bling motif, and more.  Impress all of your bar mates, friends, and guests with this novelty drinking gift.  Get to your drink quicker than ever with a bottle opener ring!

Add a little bit of humor to the small details.  A bottle opener is always convenient!