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Car Gadgets that Prevent and Save!

The Transformers aren’t real, but our Car Gadgets are as close as you can get and may turn that Chevy into Optimus Prime!  Maintenance, distance, safety, and other general problems are covered with our Car Gadgets!


The winter is harsh!  Icicles are a pain to break off and dried snow makes rush hour traffic seem manageable.  The windshields need to be cleared so you can go as you please.  Our Windshield Scrapers get the job done!  Try a Heated Ice Scaper that melts away the ice from the windshield or go for the Heated Electric Ice Scraper and Lock Deicer Set that melt away ice on the windshield and frozen locks.  Before the snow even hits, place a Windshield Cover on your car to nip the problem in the bud.  These are necessary winter tools!


Various daily issues can be alleviated with our handy Car Gadgets.  The incredibly cheap Digital Map Distance Finder calculates the distance between two points and the travel time.  Use this to silence the kids’ nagging “are we there yet” questions!  Long drives can also ruffle clothes.  The Coat Daddy is a car hanger that will keep your clothes wrinkle free during that car ride to make sure you look good at all times.  Presentation is very important, but safety is always the first priority.  Be prepared for any kind of vehicle emergency with the Auto Escape Tool with Solar Flashlight.  This 4-in-1 gadget includes a safety blade, solar powered torch, retractable pin, and window glass tool so you can escape quickly from a car accident.  There’s nothing more precious than life.


Get on with your day by using our Car Gadgets!