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Top of the Line Executive Gifts!

The life of an executive is a busy one filled with calls, emails, meetings, and all sorts of appointments!  Each activity is small, by itself, but when stacked up on top of other responsibilities, the to-do list piles up pretty quick.  Once the load gains weight, something is needed to lighten the stress, workload, duties, and general clutter.  Become organized in more ways than one with an Executive Gift!

In between phone calls, paperwork, and number crunching, it’s vital that you take a break and give your brain a rest.  Stock up on our Executive Desktop Games and get your mind off the hustle and bustle of the office.  Trade in your pen or pencil for a miniature pool stick with our Tabletop Pool Games, or whip out the Desktop Bowling Game and go for a strike that has nothing to do with your job.  Basketball, golf, darts, and much more can be played.  These tabletop games will relax you and ease the stress of a hectic workday!

Our Executive Accessories cover a wide range of categories!  We have different kinds of pleasant accessories that can uplift any office.  Try our Newton’s Cradle on for size, or the Fake Fish Bowl.  Both products are cool diversions that can ease a tense environment.  Make sure to also check out our nifty organizers such as the Paper Clip Paper Weight, Hand Pen Holder, and much more.  In addition to these awesome trinkets, we have unique golf gadgets, personalized cufflinks, executive clocks, smoking accessories, and much more!

Don’t let the heavy workload get to you.  Nip the stress in the bud before it’s too late by stocking up on our Executive Gifts!

Fill Up that Empty Block of Time with a Desktop Game!

Boredom and unguided leisure time doesn’t discriminate by location!  Whether you’re at home or at the office, that annoying bug called monotony will buzz in your ear at some point in time.  Regular repellent or fly swatters won’t work for this nuisance.  Give one of our Desktop Games a chance!


Our collection of Desktop Games feature many popular sports!  Find your favorite and enjoy every moment of your free time.  Desktop Golf is a stress reliever just like the real game.  Improve your putting skills and make a run at the PGA tour.  Tiger Woods will have some competition once you tune up your skills on this field.  However, if you don’t swing that way, Desktop Basketball provides more frenzied entertainment.  Perfecting your shot on this rim will soon take up all of your time!  Sports gifts are always an easy choice!


Executive Desktop Games are not limited to the big time sports.  Desktop Darts will steer you away from the bars and the pool halls.  Practice your marksmanship with these darts, or take aim with Desktop Skill Ball.  Bring the arcade to your living room and never have a dull moment.  Our collection also includes Desktop Bowling, Desktop Shuffleboard, and more.  Find your new favorite hobby and kill time with fun!


Sports fans and anyone with spare time will enjoy taking the reins of these Desktop Games!

Keep your Office Busy with a Desktop Gift!

Let’s face it, time drags at work!  The big hand on the clock never seems to move and lunch is never on time.  While you’re at your desk, you should find things to keep you occupied when the boss isn’t looking, or when you feel like it, if you’re the boss.  Either way, you’ll get a kick out of our Executive Gifts that are fit for desktop distractions!


Sports fans will love our Executive Desktop Games!  Bowling, pool, air hockey, foosball, and basketball are some of the sport games that can grace your desk.  All of the thrills and excitement of the real action are captured into portable games that can be played on any desktop.  If sports is not your thing, then try the Desktop Drum Set or Finger Guitar Toy.  Chances of being a rock star may fade, but your dreams never will!


Stress is a great predictor of the quality of your work!  Always shell out top-notch effort by first releasing that tension with a Stress Buster Desktop Punching Ball.  Imagine the punching ball as your roadblock and swing for a worry free life.  A nice beverage can also calm anyone down.  Choose the drink your choice and use a Novelty Mug.  The Jesus Shaves Mug and the Gun Mug are just two examples of the variation of cups available.  These drinking mugs look great on a desktop as a decoration piece or an item holder.  Great office gifts belong at the forefront!


A desk is like a poster because it reflects the owner’s personality!  Give everyone a peek into your interests and quirks with a Desktop Gift!