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We can’t get enough of these hilarious pool floats!

Check out our cute and fun donut pool float!

This summer is sure to be hotter than ever. Cooling off in a backyard pool is a great way for the whole family to relax and chill out. But if the kids seem to be getting bored with the same old pool noodles and boring inner tubes you can bring the fun back to your backyard with our hilarious, ginormous, and one of a kind inflatable pool floats! Our donut, flamingo, pizza, and smarties floats are selling fast and are sure to be the hottest toys of the summer! These funny pool floats will catch more than a few eyes at your next neighborhood barbecue or backyard party!

If you’ve got a sweet tooth then check out our Giant Chocolate Donut Pool Float! This cute and funny pool float looks like someone was so hungry they just had to take a huge bite! We know your kids will love it! If your kids love candy (what kid doesn’t) then go for the Smarties Pool Noodle. This inflatable noodle looks just like the classic Smarties packaging—only 5 feet long! Reminisce about your favorite childhood candy this summer by bringing this funny pool float to your backyard! If your family is more into fast food try our Giant Pizza Slice Pool Float! This giant pizza raft looks tasty enough to eat and is perfect for lounging around in the pool on summer days as hot as this fresh-out-of-the-oven slice!

If your appetite has been satisfied and you’re looking for more traditional inflatable fun, then check out our Giant Flamingo pool Float! Your kids will spend hours playing with this bright pink flamingo pool tube. And this funny pool float isn’t your typical water toy—it’s over 3 feet tall!

We just can’t get enough of these hilarious pool floats!

Funny Pacifiers to Alleviate the Stress!

Newborns seem to sing only one song on repeat!  They cry, cry, and cry all night and all day.  That’s where the pacifier comes in.  This stopgap can be a lifesaver.  A few moments of silence can make parenthood a little more manageable.  Click here and take a look at our collection of pacifiers.  We offer a selection that offers comedic relief to eliminate some of the stress of raising a child!

Check out our Mustachifiers, and gain a sneak peek at what puberty will do to your child in the future.  Quiet the cries with a handlebar or cowboy mustache.  Maturity is signified by facial hair.  A mustache and beard exudes age, wisdom, and experience.  Once your child wears one of our Mustache Pacifiers, the crying will cease and childhood will be a distant memory.  Gray hair, tax refunds, and midlife crises will commence.  The mustache has mysterious powers!

Where’s the mute button?

If you click here, you might fracture a rib from laughing too much!  The volume pacifier will put a smile on any parent’s face.  Sometimes you just want to turn the volume down on the crying, but can’t.  Well now’s your chance!  Or you can take a look at the Panic Button Pacifier.  Bouts of crying are very spontaneous and panic driven.  Keep a panic button close to your child at all times!

If you can’t stop the little one from crying, pick up one of our hilarious pacifiers, and, at least, enjoy a laugh or two!

Wiper Glasses!

Bad weather is a sight for sore eyes!  Flooding rain, and dirty and slushy snow are just a few examples of unsavory weather conditions.  These conditions can turn neighborhoods into ghost towns overlooked by a roof of clouds.  Puddles and slippery concrete will rule the landscape until the sun comes out to clean it up, but you don’t have to put up with that!


Rain Rain Go Away

Click here to find a solution to traveling in the rain!  The Wiper Glasses will usher in a new wave in weather wear.  Raincoats come in handy as well as umbrellas, but when it starts coming down there’s no way to stop every raindrop.  These rain goggles will protect your line of sight.  Not one drop will reach your eyes, and the lens will be wiped clean thanks to the wipers.  Clear windows will equal smooth sailings.  If you’re fully prepared, the rain isn’t that bad.  This gadget is both funny and useful!

Check out another pair of rain shades!  This pair is purple and carries blue wipers.  As mentioned before, precipitation is no match for these goggles.  Water balloon fights and water gun fights are also fair game.  Head-shots will never faze you again.  Your sight will not be hindered and you will look cool in the meantime!

Wiper Glasses are useful in more ways than one!  Take them out for a spin and protect your vision in style!

Funny Garden Gnomes!

The backyard, front yard, and garden should have the necessary amenities to transform a house into a home.  Grass, flowers, and grill sets are the usual suspects, but a usual suspect is a boring suspect.  Stand out from your neighbors, and decorate the exterior of your home with a little bit of humor.  Click here and take a look at a funny bunch that deserves airtime!

Garden Gnome on the Throne

Meet Tony Montana’s long lost son!  This bad boy is sure to spice things up in your neighborhood.  The famous quote, “Say hello to my little friend,” comes back in full force.  If the neighbor’s dog keeps leaving presents on your lawn, one whiff of this funny gnome will solve that problem.  For a surprise of a different kind, take look at the Perverted Garden Gnome.  He totes the same message as his drug lord friend but uses a different kind of weapon!

Nightlights are useful both inside and outside!  Click here and take a look at the moon whenever you want.  A mooning gnome means well, but just helps the only way he knows how: butt-first.  A full moon will have more than one meaning when it comes to your yard.  For a behind of a different kind, go for a Stripper Garden Gnome.  The children might have to cover their eyes for this one.  Who knew gnomes had so much personality?

If you want to take your yard and lawn to the next level, a garden gnome is the way to go!

Gifts and Gadgets that may Embody the New Year!

Was it another year down the drain or in the bank?  Which one applies to you?  If you fulfilled all of your resolutions for 2012, you deserve a standing ovation.  Congratulations!  However, if your resolution was to not make any resolutions, then shame on you.  New Year’s resolutions aren’t the easiest promises to fulfill, but they’re possible.  First you have to start small and be prepared for setbacks.  Don’t make it your mission to rule the world with an iron fist in only one year.  That takes at least 13 years if done right.  Start small.  Click here and take a sneak peek at all the help you will need!


Click here and take a look at one of our impressive marble mazes!  This is a perfect representation of the road ahead.  There will be all types of twists, turns, and loops that may seem to throw you off course but you will undoubtedly land at the finish line.  It will be fast, turbulent, and fun all at the same time.  Click here for another mirror image of the coming year.  The poop soap will embody all of your hardships.  At first it will seem like you’ve been dealt a bad hand but once you get past the initial shock you will find solace in the end.  Whether it’s a pot of gold at the end of shit’s creek or a lesson learned, you will gain something valuable in return!

In terms of your resolutions, remember to start small!  Saving money is always a good one, and it’s easy.  Take a look at this little piggy!  The Pig E Bank is a fun and easy way to save money.  After a long day of work or running errands, empty out of all of your loose change from your wallet and pockets.  These small savings will add up, and by the end of the year you’ll be able to buy yourself something nice.  Use this suggestion to start small, and then ease your way up to millionaire in another 20 years!

Be mindful of the road and take baby steps.  Build up to success and happiness in small increments!

Funny Gifts that make the World Go Round!

Having trouble picking out a gift?  Here’s a simple tip that might help you in this situation as well as other facets of life: laughter is food for the soul.  A gift with a comedic element is always a safe pick because laughter is universal.  The laughing patterns of infants are telling.  As you grow, life starts to kick in, and you’re given fewer opportunities to laugh.  This constant barrage of soul tickling helps children grow at an incredible rate.  Yes, that idea may go against the prevailing theories of health, but who knows anything for certain?  One thing is for sure—a good laugh only hurts your ribs!

Click here and take a look at our collection of Funny Gifts!  Everyone has the ability to laugh.  Even the most conservative and anal people have their laugh-out-loud moments.  Bigwigs guffaw at opposing political policies all the time.  An Obama or Romney Toilet Paper Roll is the perfect stress reliever during political unrest.  A good laugh can clear the tension in the room, and toilet paper always comes in handy for other reasons as well.  All levels of humor are touched on: raunchy, lewd, juvenile, trivial, and much more.  There’s not another place where you can find a remote controlled rat and a butt putt farting golf game.  We cater to every type of laugh!

Follow this link for a quick look at our Gag Gifts!  The Eject-A-Putt Golf is the perfect prank gift for avid golfers.  Drive your opponent crazy with your constant scheming, and throw off his game.  Laughter can also help others deal with insecurities.  The Old fart slippers poke fun at old age, and the pecker detector does the same for big stomachs.  Your shames, fears, insecurities, and general worries can be flipped into comedic gold.  It’s not good to hang your head.  Chin up and attack the world with a sense of humor.  If you can laugh at the bad times, you can wait for a better day!

Not a morning person?

Really, who is? (Only people with robotic discipline who value sunrises and chirpy birds over things of real value like sleep – that’s who!) Yet by some miracle of God, every morning Monday through Friday, we find ourselves rolling out of bed like lumber tumbling out of a truck. So to make the mornings go down easier, we’ve got some funny gadgets that’ll express how you truly feel in the mornings.

Novelty Toilet Paper

Because sometimes your butt just needs some delightful potty humor. Sure this might be sophomoric, but in the mornings when nothing is funny and everything is awful, small things like toilet paper with Mitt Romney’s face printed on it can be the best part of your morning.

Funny Mugs

Sometimes the only thing sympathetic to that proverbial cross we bear every morning is our favorite coffee mug -dependable and always ready to deliver that life-affirming ultra caffeinated elixir we know as coffee. For those who can’t be bothered before their first cup of coffee, we’ve got some novelty mugs that’ll send the message for you, like this lovely one over here.

Subtle? No. Clear as hell? Definitely. Depending on what you’d like to say we’ve also got an anger management mug, a gun mug, and a toilet mug, among many others, so you’ll never have to speak again in the mornings.

For all you grumpy morning folks, these funny gifts will finally give you something to smile about in the mornings.

Gag Gifts in Honor of April Fools’ Day!

April Fools’ Day is a time of trickery and deceit!  Don’t believe everything you see and hear because a prankster might have their treacherous sights on you.  You have two options to survive this day: keep a careful eye or fight fire with fire.  April Fools’ Day is about pranks and laughs.  If deception and laugh-out-loud humor sound like an enjoyable option, try one of our Gag Gifts!


Sustain your sense of humor with a hilarious collection of gifts!  A stray rodent is the last thing anyone wants to see in his or her home.  Find out how high your friend can jump with a Remote Controlled Rat.  Watch as the target of your prank jumps out of their skin at the sight of this toy rat.  Make the joke more believable with a Mouse Trap Cheese Cutter.  The stage will be set for the ultimate April Fools’ prank!


Every party is defined by its amenities!  Throw a convenient and hysterical social event with our funny liquor dispensers!  The Old Geezer Liquor Dispenser and the Little Whizzer Liquor Dispenser crosses generations and takes drinking games to a whole new level.  The strong taste of alcohol won’t make a difference once you bust out laughing.  Funny gifts and drinking gifts seem to go hand in hand.  The Loudmouth Talking Can Holder and Beer Belt will be the highlights of your day.  Laugh the night away with these novelty gifts!


Sit back and enjoy the fireworks or pay homage to April Fools’ Day with our Gag Gifts!