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Wiper Glasses!

Bad weather is a sight for sore eyes!  Flooding rain, and dirty and slushy snow are just a few examples of unsavory weather conditions.  These conditions can turn neighborhoods into ghost towns overlooked by a roof of clouds.  Puddles and slippery concrete will rule the landscape until the sun comes out to clean it up, but you don’t have to put up with that!


Rain Rain Go Away

Click here to find a solution to traveling in the rain!  The Wiper Glasses will usher in a new wave in weather wear.  Raincoats come in handy as well as umbrellas, but when it starts coming down there’s no way to stop every raindrop.  These rain goggles will protect your line of sight.  Not one drop will reach your eyes, and the lens will be wiped clean thanks to the wipers.  Clear windows will equal smooth sailings.  If you’re fully prepared, the rain isn’t that bad.  This gadget is both funny and useful!

Check out another pair of rain shades!  This pair is purple and carries blue wipers.  As mentioned before, precipitation is no match for these goggles.  Water balloon fights and water gun fights are also fair game.  Head-shots will never faze you again.  Your sight will not be hindered and you will look cool in the meantime!

Wiper Glasses are useful in more ways than one!  Take them out for a spin and protect your vision in style!

Funny Garden Gnomes!

The backyard, front yard, and garden should have the necessary amenities to transform a house into a home.  Grass, flowers, and grill sets are the usual suspects, but a usual suspect is a boring suspect.  Stand out from your neighbors, and decorate the exterior of your home with a little bit of humor.  Click here and take a look at a funny bunch that deserves airtime!

Garden Gnome on the Throne

Meet Tony Montana’s long lost son!  This bad boy is sure to spice things up in your neighborhood.  The famous quote, “Say hello to my little friend,” comes back in full force.  If the neighbor’s dog keeps leaving presents on your lawn, one whiff of this funny gnome will solve that problem.  For a surprise of a different kind, take look at the Perverted Garden Gnome.  He totes the same message as his drug lord friend but uses a different kind of weapon!

Nightlights are useful both inside and outside!  Click here and take a look at the moon whenever you want.  A mooning gnome means well, but just helps the only way he knows how: butt-first.  A full moon will have more than one meaning when it comes to your yard.  For a behind of a different kind, go for a Stripper Garden Gnome.  The children might have to cover their eyes for this one.  Who knew gnomes had so much personality?

If you want to take your yard and lawn to the next level, a garden gnome is the way to go!

Novelty Bottle Opener Rings!

To be cool, you have to be subtle.  Every movement, action, and motion should take the least amount of effort and look as easy as possible.  Exert yourself too much or get too excited, and you’ll lose your cool.  This skill is vital in social situations.  One wrong move can make or break your reputation.  Bars and parties are filled with these kinds of opportunities, and many of these situations involve alcohol!

The luck of the Irish!

Everyone is not a drinking machine!  Chugging beers is tough to do and tough on the stomach, and some shot counts are hard to keep up with.  If holding liquor is not your forte, try a different route to impress the crowd.  Your opening lies in the opening of the beers!  Click here and take a look at a different type of bottle opener.  Usually a classic bottle opener is fine but it’s boring and you want to stand out.  A switchblade may up your cool factor but some people might be too scared to talk to you.  Instead, go for a bottle opener ring.  The perfect thing about a bottle opener ring is that your wear it on your finger.  It’s not that noticeable so the opening motion will be smooth and effortless.  If the alcohol has set in, some people will think you opened it with your bare hands!

Don’t worry!  There are different bottle opener rings with unique designs.  Take a look at one of our more unique rings.  Slide a green clover over your finger and use the good luck to your advantage.  Whether you need good luck to find a bed buddy or to keep yourself from drinking too much, this ring will come in handy.  The list doesn’t stop there.  For the comedians and Magnum PI fans, a handlebar mustache can decorate your ring finger and open the beers, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg.  There are many choices.  From skulls to bling, these rings offer various designs!

It’s possible to open up a beer bottle with a butter knife.  Just lift up each groove, two at a time and slowly make your way around the cap.  It’s crafty and gets the job done, but unnecessary.  Pop the top cool, calm, and collective with a bottle opener ring!

Funny Gifts that make the World Go Round!

Having trouble picking out a gift?  Here’s a simple tip that might help you in this situation as well as other facets of life: laughter is food for the soul.  A gift with a comedic element is always a safe pick because laughter is universal.  The laughing patterns of infants are telling.  As you grow, life starts to kick in, and you’re given fewer opportunities to laugh.  This constant barrage of soul tickling helps children grow at an incredible rate.  Yes, that idea may go against the prevailing theories of health, but who knows anything for certain?  One thing is for sure—a good laugh only hurts your ribs!

Click here and take a look at our collection of Funny Gifts!  Everyone has the ability to laugh.  Even the most conservative and anal people have their laugh-out-loud moments.  Bigwigs guffaw at opposing political policies all the time.  An Obama or Romney Toilet Paper Roll is the perfect stress reliever during political unrest.  A good laugh can clear the tension in the room, and toilet paper always comes in handy for other reasons as well.  All levels of humor are touched on: raunchy, lewd, juvenile, trivial, and much more.  There’s not another place where you can find a remote controlled rat and a butt putt farting golf game.  We cater to every type of laugh!

Follow this link for a quick look at our Gag Gifts!  The Eject-A-Putt Golf is the perfect prank gift for avid golfers.  Drive your opponent crazy with your constant scheming, and throw off his game.  Laughter can also help others deal with insecurities.  The Old fart slippers poke fun at old age, and the pecker detector does the same for big stomachs.  Your shames, fears, insecurities, and general worries can be flipped into comedic gold.  It’s not good to hang your head.  Chin up and attack the world with a sense of humor.  If you can laugh at the bad times, you can wait for a better day!

Gag Gifts in Honor of April Fools’ Day!

April Fools’ Day is a time of trickery and deceit!  Don’t believe everything you see and hear because a prankster might have their treacherous sights on you.  You have two options to survive this day: keep a careful eye or fight fire with fire.  April Fools’ Day is about pranks and laughs.  If deception and laugh-out-loud humor sound like an enjoyable option, try one of our Gag Gifts!


Sustain your sense of humor with a hilarious collection of gifts!  A stray rodent is the last thing anyone wants to see in his or her home.  Find out how high your friend can jump with a Remote Controlled Rat.  Watch as the target of your prank jumps out of their skin at the sight of this toy rat.  Make the joke more believable with a Mouse Trap Cheese Cutter.  The stage will be set for the ultimate April Fools’ prank!


Every party is defined by its amenities!  Throw a convenient and hysterical social event with our funny liquor dispensers!  The Old Geezer Liquor Dispenser and the Little Whizzer Liquor Dispenser crosses generations and takes drinking games to a whole new level.  The strong taste of alcohol won’t make a difference once you bust out laughing.  Funny gifts and drinking gifts seem to go hand in hand.  The Loudmouth Talking Can Holder and Beer Belt will be the highlights of your day.  Laugh the night away with these novelty gifts!


Sit back and enjoy the fireworks or pay homage to April Fools’ Day with our Gag Gifts!