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Jumbo Drinking Glasses!

Sometimes a regular sized cup just doesn’t do it!  That’s why some people just drink straight out of the carton.  However, when you live with other people, drinking straight out of the carton is not very welcoming.  Germ and colds can be passed easily.  So how do you get more bang for your buck (more gulp from your sip)?  Take a look at this section!

Click here and witness a different interpretation of the “one glass of wine per day” rule!  Instead of bending the rules, stretch it.  These drinking glasses are huge.  With any one of these glasses, you can drink a whole glass of wine with one pour.  One of them is even shaped like a wine bottle.  Go big or go home when it comes to drinking wine.  Even Ellen Degeneres approves of these items!

Chug! Chug! Chug!

Asides from wine, an extra helping of beer or a bigger martini wouldn’t hurt!  Check out a drinking gift that will redefine frat parties.  The Giant Red Cup is 8” tall.  That’s almost as long as a person’s forearm.  Fill it up and take fewer trips to the keg (but more trips to the bathroom).  The line is long anyways.  The Extra Large Champagne Glass should also be another hit.  No New Year’s celebration will be complete without it.  These novelty drinking gifts are practical and hilarious at the same time!

Time is of the essence, and you shouldn’t waste it pouring a drink every second.  Get your fill in one shot!

Funny Bottle Openers!

It’s Friday night, and you’re throwing a party that will go down in history!  Everything is set.  Your closest friends are present, and the people you’re trying to impress have just walked in the door.  The music playlist has all of the newest hits, and the strobe lights have set the mood.  Last but not least, the drinks are cold and ready for consumption, but there’s one problem.  How are you going to open them?  Click here to find out!

They look good enough to wear!

Our Funny Bottle Openers will break the ice at your next event!  Take a look at the Switchblade Bottle.  You won’t find a cooler way to open up your bottle.  It’s stylish, rebellious, and convenient.  Plus it’s better than using your teeth or messing up the edges of your tables.  Just make sure you don’t pull this bad boy out in the wrong place.  For a more tame approach, give this one a try!  We have a high heel bottle opener and a high heel wine bottle holder.  A little bit of variety never hurt anyone.  Create an exciting night with these drinking gifts!

The aforementioned suggestions are great, but if you want a more convenient alternative, click here.  A bottle opener ring takes the least amount of effort.  Simply, slip it on to your finger and pop the top of any beer bottle.  There are various designs that should strike your fancy.  We have a skull design, clover theme, bling motif, and more.  Impress all of your bar mates, friends, and guests with this novelty drinking gift.  Get to your drink quicker than ever with a bottle opener ring!

Add a little bit of humor to the small details.  A bottle opener is always convenient!

Crack up with our Funny Shot Glasses!

When thrill seekers go out for a night on the town, they’re looking for one thing and one thing only: a good time.  Different people might find that in different forms, but that’s the general mission.  As for the party scene, alcohol seems to be the main catalyst of fun.  A good brew can kick off a good night, but there are ways to enhance the fun.  Click here and find an easy way to break the ice!


Start the festivities off with an explosive gift!  The Toxic Waste Shot Glass Set looks like it came straight out of a plutonium factory.  It sports all of the usual warning signs and has a big enough capacity for a solid shot.  Your drinking buddies will definitely love these bad boys, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg.  The Gun Shot Glass Set is another daring set built for rebels.  Every shot taken from this mug will count.  Share a laugh or two with your friends by using these novelty shot glasses!

If you want to take a stroll on the lighter side, check out our Prescription Shot Glasses!  Take the recommended dosage and you’re sure to have a blast.  Doctors are finally prescribing a hard drink for your aches and pains.  Take advantage of it before it’s too late!  If you want to take it a step further, try our Nutrition Shot Glasses.  The ingredients, serving directions, and much more are emblazoned on the glasses.  Spice up the night with these awesome drinking gifts!

Before you and your friends head out for a night on the town, let the good times roll by using our Novelty Shot Glasses!

Gifts for Super Bowl Sunday!

Super Bowl XLVII is almost here!  It’s the Sunday of all Sundays, and you have to be prepared.  Hopefully, you have a television or access to one.  That’s the first step.  Internet streams are okay but unreliable so stick to television either at home or at a bar.  A TV and a couch or recliner, and you’re almost there.  The little things go a long way for an event like this!

Are you ready for some football?

The most important item for the night is the remote!  Make sure you know where it’s at at all times because one slip or misstep and the channel can change.  Don’t let the dog bite the remote on 4th and long with 20 seconds on the clock.  Click here  to find a sure solution.  A remote control caddy organizer is your saving grace.  Place the remote in the caddy once the game starts and don’t touch it till the game is over.  There should be no accidental channel changes.  If there is a channel change, someone’s getting tackled.  Another cool gadget for this occasion is the Remote Control Pillow.  Since it’s the size of a living room couch pillow, it will never stray far.  Plus, it’s cool and comfy!  If you get mad and throw your remote at the television, there won’t be too much damage!

Once the game gets rolling everything needs to be in place, and everyone needs to be in the zone!  If you’re having a hard time getting there, take a look here.  There’s an assortment of drinking glasses, flasks, and liquor dispensers.  Any of these items will get the ball rolling in no time.  For an event like this, a good recommendation would be a beer belt.  A beer will always be by your side so you and your comrades can stay charged up for the game!

It is Super Bowl Sunday so don’t forget about your lucky jerseys, team hats, and team trinkets that brought them luck throughout the season.  They’re important, but your viewing environment is too.  Everything you need has to be close by and in place!

Novelty Bottle Opener Rings!

To be cool, you have to be subtle.  Every movement, action, and motion should take the least amount of effort and look as easy as possible.  Exert yourself too much or get too excited, and you’ll lose your cool.  This skill is vital in social situations.  One wrong move can make or break your reputation.  Bars and parties are filled with these kinds of opportunities, and many of these situations involve alcohol!

The luck of the Irish!

Everyone is not a drinking machine!  Chugging beers is tough to do and tough on the stomach, and some shot counts are hard to keep up with.  If holding liquor is not your forte, try a different route to impress the crowd.  Your opening lies in the opening of the beers!  Click here and take a look at a different type of bottle opener.  Usually a classic bottle opener is fine but it’s boring and you want to stand out.  A switchblade may up your cool factor but some people might be too scared to talk to you.  Instead, go for a bottle opener ring.  The perfect thing about a bottle opener ring is that your wear it on your finger.  It’s not that noticeable so the opening motion will be smooth and effortless.  If the alcohol has set in, some people will think you opened it with your bare hands!

Don’t worry!  There are different bottle opener rings with unique designs.  Take a look at one of our more unique rings.  Slide a green clover over your finger and use the good luck to your advantage.  Whether you need good luck to find a bed buddy or to keep yourself from drinking too much, this ring will come in handy.  The list doesn’t stop there.  For the comedians and Magnum PI fans, a handlebar mustache can decorate your ring finger and open the beers, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg.  There are many choices.  From skulls to bling, these rings offer various designs!

It’s possible to open up a beer bottle with a butter knife.  Just lift up each groove, two at a time and slowly make your way around the cap.  It’s crafty and gets the job done, but unnecessary.  Pop the top cool, calm, and collective with a bottle opener ring!