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Seize the Moment with a Dali Clock!

Time governs your daily lives.  Time slips, flies, passes, and seemingly stalls at certain points.  What does time mean to you?  Bear your thoughts on time with a clock that is designed to make a statement about time.  Take a look at our collection of Dali Clocks for a unique way of telling time!


Our Dali Clocks are inspired by Salvador Dali’s painting called The Persistence of Memory.  Melting clocks riddle the painting to symbolize time in a dream state.  The Time Warp Novelty Clock hangs with a melting design similar to the clocks in Dali’s painting, but also has a nice silver shine that looks great in the light.  We also have the New Haven Bronze Dali Mantle Melting Clock that looks ancient.  Both of these melting clocks can hang on a shelf, mantle, or table, but if you prefer a wall clock, the Melted Metal Clock offers the same melted effect.  Hurry up and try a mantle clock, time is melting away!


Keep track of time on the go with a Dali wristwatch!  Your mind bends when you strap on a Salvador Dali Surreality Watch.  Salvador Dali’s crazed face centers the watch and his long cowboy mustache serve as the big and little hand.  The Melted Metal Watch is a miniature version of the melting clock, except it goes on your wrist.  This watch is a guaranteed eye catcher and will be the topic of every conversation.


Show off your artsy side with these zany Dali Clocks and watches!