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Fire up the grill

We recently posted about fun gadgets for the ultimate barbecue, but deliberately danced around the topic of grills so we could dedicate this very post to it.  There is arguably a direct correlation between the quality of your grill, and the quality of your barbecue. Bad grills inevitably lead to food resembling charred leather and self-loathing. But with these selection of indoor and outdoor grills, you’re guaranteed deliciously charred fun wherever you are.

For those summer backyard barbecues, check out this charcoal grill - perfect for throwing the shrimp on the barbie. Complete with 350 inches of cooking space, and a convenient hood you can tilt back, this outdoor grill is sure to be sizzling up some juicy steaks and burgers.

But what about those chilly autumns, or even winters, you may be asking. For those who wish everyday was summer and that every meal came with grill marks, we’ve got the perfect collection of indoor grills, featuring George Foreman, Hamilton Beach, and Proctor Silex. Apart from the fact that you can pretend it’s summer even when it’s below freezing outside, the best thing about these indoor grills is that most of them come with removable dishwasher safe grids. So unlike traditional outdoor grills, you don’t need to get your hands dirty scrubbing the grates.

A personal favorite includes this ultimate George Foreman grill.

This grill is like the Transformers of the grill world. It’s like the beautiful triple-threat superstar that spends her free time doing charity work.  It’s just so absolutely perfect that there’s no simile that could ever really convey the genius of this multi-functional indoor grill. Apart from the standard grill for burgers and hot dogs, you can turn it into a steak grill for those perfect checkered grill marks, a griddle for those diner style pancakes, bacon and eggs, a baking pan for pizza, and a waffle iron. Yes, a waffle iron! As far as I’m concerned, there’s pretty much no reason why you’d ever need to turn on the stove or oven.

You can’t go wrong with any of these grill options. For yourself or for that lucky someone, they make the perfect grill gifts. Whether you’re grilling a Fourth of July barbecue, having a cook-out at the beach, or even grilling a hot dog in your freezing kitchen, wishing it was summer already – these grills will definitely bring on that delicious sizzle.


Barbecue accessories perfect for Fourth of July

With Fourth of July about to turn that proverbial corner, it’s not too soon to start planning out that barbecue party that would make Thomas Jefferson proud. But perhaps your previous attempts at a barbecue party have a tendency to end in  fiery destruction, in which the only solace to be found lies in the apocalypse sized cooler replete with beer. Or maybe Fourth of July barbecues have turned into the ho-hum, run of the mill affair. In any case, we’ve got some fun barbecue gadgets to turn this Fourth of July barbecue into a successful and fiery fun time (in the non-pyromaniacal sense)!

Harley Davidson Zippo barbecue lighter

Forget fumbling with those unreliable bic lighters which are just as likely to set you on fire as they are the grill, and check out this bad boy. This seriously sleek Harley Davidson Zippo lighter makes a great barbecue gift. (It’s shiny and it sets things on fire!) With this barbecue lighter in hand, not only will you look appropriately patriotic but also pretty snazzy while firing up the grill.

Condiment gun

Debating the legitimacy of the 2nd amendment has long been an American pastime. Whatever their stances, everyone will definitely love firing out ketchup and mustard with this unique condiment dispenser. Really, when you think deeply about it, could there be anything more American than shooting your burger with a condiment gun and  making it bleed ketchup?

Steak branding iron

“Why,” you may be asking “would I ever need a steak branding iron?” Maybe because you haven’t outgrown your childhood fantasies of being a cowboy in the wild wild west. Or maybe because nothing screams louder “This is my steak and don’t you forget that,” than a good steak branding with your name on it. Or maybe because like a good American, you don’t always want the things you need, but rather the things that would be really cool and showoff-able.

Motorized grill brush

Perhaps the best part about a good barbecue is at the end of day, when you take a grill brush and scrub off all the carbonized crust clinging like an exoskeleton to the grates. That is, if you have a freakish obsession with cleaning and derive some sort of cathartic pleasure from it. For everyone else, this motorized grill brush makes a great barbecue accessory to have around. Forget the elbow grease; that grill is already greasy enough! After a day of grilling and entertaining, you deserve to leave the scrubbing to this handy barbecue brush.

Make this Fourth of July different from the previous ones! These barbecue gadgets will have you flipping burgers with American pride.