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We can’t get enough of these hilarious pool floats!

Check out our cute and fun donut pool float!

This summer is sure to be hotter than ever. Cooling off in a backyard pool is a great way for the whole family to relax and chill out. But if the kids seem to be getting bored with the same old pool noodles and boring inner tubes you can bring the fun back to your backyard with our hilarious, ginormous, and one of a kind inflatable pool floats! Our donut, flamingo, pizza, and smarties floats are selling fast and are sure to be the hottest toys of the summer! These funny pool floats will catch more than a few eyes at your next neighborhood barbecue or backyard party!

If you’ve got a sweet tooth then check out our Giant Chocolate Donut Pool Float! This cute and funny pool float looks like someone was so hungry they just had to take a huge bite! We know your kids will love it! If your kids love candy (what kid doesn’t) then go for the Smarties Pool Noodle. This inflatable noodle looks just like the classic Smarties packaging—only 5 feet long! Reminisce about your favorite childhood candy this summer by bringing this funny pool float to your backyard! If your family is more into fast food try our Giant Pizza Slice Pool Float! This giant pizza raft looks tasty enough to eat and is perfect for lounging around in the pool on summer days as hot as this fresh-out-of-the-oven slice!

If your appetite has been satisfied and you’re looking for more traditional inflatable fun, then check out our Giant Flamingo pool Float! Your kids will spend hours playing with this bright pink flamingo pool tube. And this funny pool float isn’t your typical water toy—it’s over 3 feet tall!

We just can’t get enough of these hilarious pool floats!

Gadgets for Kids: The Convenient Babysitter!

Free time can be a child’s best friend and worst enemy.  At a young age, guidance is the best option.  Children need to be spoon-fed activities so they stay out of harm’s way.  Sports is a good time killer, after school programs, hobbies, or church as well, but sooner or later you will have to fill up an empty space of time.  Home time does not have to be boot camp.  Keep your child busy with some cool toys and kids gadgets to fix this problem!

Whenever you can, push your child to get some fresh air!  A nose full of fresh air can work wonders on one’s quality of life.  Mix in a little bit of running, jumping, skipping, or whatever they like to do, and get the blood flowing.  To take the festivities to the next level, a few Outdoor Games are necessary.  Stock up on toy arrows, backyard zip lines, and other items that take advantage of good ole Mother Nature.  On the rainy days, continue the show indoors.  Bring the nature under your own roof with a unique toy that may make you look at the world in a different way.  The Air Swimmer Flying Shark will set your child’s imagination on fire.  Kids will be dumbstruck at the possibilities this world has to offer, once they witness a shark floating from room to room.  People of all ages will get a kick out of these remote control toys.  Anyone can have fun, as long as they want to!

Modern times are marked by a digital revolution so you have to keep up for many reasons.  If not for yourself, do it for your children.  If your children are occupied with their own fun Electronic Games, they will never have reason to be jealous of the next child.  These games serve more than just an entertainment purpose.  They increase hand-eye coordination and critical thinking.  Sports games involve a certain level of strategy, develop leadership skills, and instill a sense of responsibility.  Time well spent!

The list of benefits goes on and on.  Our gadgets for kids are invaluable assets to any household.  Entertainment crosses a boundary and steps into developmental territory.  Kill two birds with one gadget!